Sunday, October 2, 2022

Labor Day Weekend


Usually we have one last summer hoorah Labor Day weekend. This year we embraced fall. We went apple picking, baked apple pies, and went to a virtual concert. The only summer-like thing we did was kayaking on the lake for an afternoon. It was quite a nice three day weekend.

Lately, our Friday nights have started with a Mom and Minis couch sleepover. The oldest was out with friends this particular Friday, so it was just the two youngest. I love our new couch from Bob's Discount Furniture. While it's a perfect sectional just to sit on and plenty big enough for the five of us, the fact that parts of it pulls out and becomes bigger, means that it can easily fit three or four of us for slumber parties. 

Quite honestly, when we woke up Saturday morning, I wasn't positive what was on our agenda. We had originally planned to be in Chicago for The Lumineers concert at Wrigley Field, but the minis were adamant about not going anywhere and "staying home all weekend." I hoped they didn't truly mean stay home and not go anywhere, but they did. I had to talk them into apple picking by choosing a new-to-us apple orchard. 

Scouring Facebook earlier in the day, I came across my favorite local cidery, Winterset Cidery and discovered they were opening their orchard for picking for the very first time. We enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon in the sun picking apples, then retreated to the main building for cider flights, root beer for the kids, popcorn, and games. It was the perfect afternoon! We got home in town to order take out and then watch The Lumineers concert on Mandolin. It was not how I intended to take in this concert, but I was able to watch it in my pajamas with my favorite cup of tea.  

I glanced in the back seat and all of the minis had bits of play dough in their hands thanks to the youngest, who brought a container of scented dough with her. As if it was a completely normal thing to have play dough in the car!

Sunday was for baking pies and football. The minis happily took the day to stay at home, while Monday we ventured to Raccoon River Park for kayaking. We only brought one kayak, so we took turns going around the lake. It was all great until I went out with Hubs. Zeus, our two year old English lab, lost his mind. He swam out to the middle of the cove we were kayaking in to get to me. He's just a tad attached to his mama.

My kids gave me a hard time because of how big I cut the watermelon pieces. It was a big deal because I get irritated when my husband has the watermelon into larger than bite size pieces.

I love that this recreational hot spot is only ten minutes from our house!