Thursday, October 6, 2022

4 Things To Buy This Week


The days are crisp, but warm. The nights getting colder. I've had to turn our heat on a few nights and my kids complained, "it smells like something's burning." Tis the season. It was high time I buried myself into all things fall. I bought new fall pieces, decorated, and stocked up on all the fall snacks.  Some were a bigger hit than others. Wondering what you should buy? These are my favorites:

  • After purchasing a Sunday sleep set last spring and falling in love with the fit, material, and durability of each piece, I didn't hesitate to jump on the Old Navy tunic shirt. Quite honestly, while I wear the shirt to bed, I wear it hiking, to dinner, etc. It's a thin, comfortable material that goes well with leggings. I also grabbed a one piece sleep jumpsuit. It is also beyond comfortable and cute. So cute that the ten year old requested I find one in her size too.
  • My kids are obsessed with good smelling candles. They even requested candles in their bedrooms once the room makeovers are complete. Yankee Candle recently had their fall scents on sale and I stocked up. Even the littles squealed with glee when they saw the Halloween images on the candles in the daycare room. Great buys! I'm gearing up for Black Friday shopping (as requested by the minis, otherwise I wouldn't be participating in those shenanigans) by making a list of the Yankee holiday candles we'll be purchasing.
  • Last Friday, on our way up to Duluth, MN for our fall hiking trip, I realized we forgot to pack our allergy meds essentials. We made a quick stop at a Target along our route. These grey sweatpants greeted right inside of the door and I was drawn to them. They're fleeced line, incredibly cozy, and wash well. Did I really need a new pair of comfy pants? Probably not, but these are definitely my new favorite.
  • While at that same Target where the grey sweatpants called to me, I came across the Favorite Day Monster Mix on an end cap. It had been months since I had the mix and it called to me. So, in the cart it went. Now I'm obsessed all over again. The best part is, my oldest is allergic to peanuts, which means no one messes with my treat! I'm not a heartless monster, I did nab some goodies for my kids. Halloween pretzels and fruit snacks found their way into the cart too.