Monday, October 17, 2022

Dirty Little Secret


I have a big week coming up. Not only do I have my regular days with kiddos, involving leaf jumping (which means I also have to make time to actually rake leaves), I also get to create a maze and throw a Halloween party for the community as my roll as Event Planner for the Des Moines Children's Museum. I get to put my creative chops to good use this week, as well as celebrate my middle one for completing his volleyball league. I have plenty to be excited about and look forward to. So what's my dirty little secret for this week? None of that compares to the excitement I feel about something else this week.

McDonald's Halloween pails are coming back! But that's still not my secret.....

I'm not-so-secretly-now looking forward to seeing the craziness via Social Media. I'm waiting for shit to hit the fan. To read the comment sections of articles about the buckets and laugh my ass off. I'm fully prepared for the TikToks that are going to come out and I'm thrilled. Probably because I have no plans of being a part of this craze.

Once upon a time, I lived through the McDonald's Beanie Baby craze. My mom was a part of it, I was just the one forced the eat all of the Happy Meals purchased. I remember her getting calls from friends about which McDonald's locations had which beanie. We had so many freaking Beanie Babies at the end of it. I'm giddy imagining that level of insane, but in the social media age. This could be off the charts. I sincerely cannot wait to read about this going down.

And that's my dirty secret for the week. I will likely have my nose stuck on social media for half of the week watching the crazy unfold. I really hope social media lives up to it's ridiculousness this round and doesn't let me down.