Friday, September 23, 2022

End Of Summer


Our end of summer was different (for us at least). We made a quick trip out East and then came home in enough time for all of the back to school days, nights, and festivities to begin. It was relatively exhausting, if I'm being honest. I wanted to keep things low key, so we did our usual things: Adventureland and Adventure Bay, movie, nights, and running last minute school errands. Oh yeah, and there was mouse hunting...

The end of summer brought our first ever mouse into the house. Actually, it must have happened over the summer. Doors being left wide open all day and a couple of nights (long story, but backyard camping is currently prohibited) will bring unwanted creatures inside the house. We tried a few friendlier ways of catching our little friend, but our friend made himself at home while we were gone on our trip and I wanted him out. We caught him within the first hour of setting a trap out (and us settling in for the night). 

I made sure to have a special, memorable day the day before school started. It was important to me since this was the big back to the school building year. I've been waiting to give Blue Bean coffee a try, so I could do it with the minis. It received rave reviews from us all, including my sister in law and niece (who were in town and tagged along). Then we surprised the middle mini with a new phone, the youngest with an old used phone and a Google number (for now), laid all of the first day outfits out, and prepped the popular snack bowl for after school days.

We're all beat by Friday night. The oldest goes out with friends most Fridays, but then there are other Fridays when we lay on the couch and fall asleep. We call those impromptu mom and minis sleepovers.