Tuesday, April 19, 2022

St. Patrick's Day Craziness

 Here we are a month later and I now finally have the courage to write about our CRAZY day! Just kidding. Although it was a crazy, but nothing that would send me running for the hills. There have been much crazier day, believe me. Our St. Patrick's Day was filled with silly fun, loud squeals and screams, and so much laughter. 

Two kids made and decorated cupcakes for our St. Patty's celebration. They were surprise cupcakes with the surprise being hidden Lucky Charms in the middle of the cupcake.

Zero kids did the craft because they were eagerly awaiting our leprechaun shenanigans to begin. They didn't have to wait long before Sammy and Michael began leaving notes, hiding places, and getting into trouble. Some of their craziness was hiding in shoes, going outside, playing with toilet paper in the bathroom, going for a swim in a child's water cup, going "potty" in the little potty (read about that here), and suddenly popping up in the toys. The kids LOVE our leprechauns and the silliness they bring each March17th. 

I've kept all of the notes between Sammy and Michael and the kids. I have several years worth of notes. When I pull out the leprechaun storage bin every March 16, I spend a few minutes reading through the notes. That is probably one of my favorite things from this silly tradition. Even the kids that no longer believe and know the leprechauns are not real (and that it's just me being the crazy leprechauns) get on board with it and keep it going for those that do believe. I don't foresee this daycare tradition going away anytime soon.