Monday, April 25, 2022

Easter Celebrations


Our Easter celebrations looked nothing like I thought they would, but they wound up being perfect; exactly what we needed, in fact. Friday was our big daycare Easter Party. We had our annual creepy bunny cake, TWO egg hunts (one indoors and one outdoors), and a couple of games (bunny ear toss and carrot darts, no pictures, but both games were Dollar Tree purchases a few years ago). 

This wound up being the only egg hunt the minis would do this year and only two of them took part. The oldest mini declared himself "done with egg hunts" and helped me hide the eggs instead. I guess we've hit that stage now. Some parents would be upset by this, but I'm looking at the positive. Perhaps the Easter Bunny has less to do next year and hands it off to the nonparticipating mini?

Saturday took an unexpected turn when I held my grandma's hand for the final time. I spent the day with family while Hubs took the minis hiking on the High Trestle Trail bridge in Madrid, IA. We (when I had initially planned on going with them) had set aside an afternoon for hiking this bridge, remembering a time when the minis leg's were smaller and this would take us hours to complete. Hubs called me laughing because it took them less an hour to complete. I guess all of our miles of hiking paid off!

Now that brings us to Easter Sunday. Typically our Easter's involve a leisurely morning, homemade brunch, a hike (if the weather allows), and relaxing at home. We got some of that, but Easter evening was a celebration. For the first time in 14+ years, we went to my grandparent's house and had a celebration in honor of my grandma. Yes, there were tears, but it was also incredibly fun and lighthearted. I couldn't have thought of a better way to honor her than spending hours with our large family, gathered around telling stories, eating way too much food, and singing her favorite songs (I can't listen to Too Ra Loo without bawling).

The mini's baskets held new spring clothes, shoes, a couple of games, and these candy fille chocolate eggs from Beaverdale Confections.

It snowed Easter Sunday! Luckily it didn't stick, but it did come down hard. Meanwhile, the minis stuffed their faces with homemade cinnamon rolls.

We stopped by Monday morning to get baskets from my parents. These contained a lot more candy than the ones from our E.B.! This Easter weekend will be remembered fondly, as a weekend of importance, joy, and love.