Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Weekend OUT


Well, out at least for Friday night and all day Saturday. I finished my working day Friday, threw on a cardigan (because I'm stylish like that), and met a couple of girlfriends for dinner and drinks at Parlor. Sure, the food was amazing, but the company was even better. It's been months since we've gotten together and years (pre-pandemic) since we've been out together. 

I highly recommend the buffalo cauliflower. The beet salad was good, but had a lot of flavors going on. Maybe one too many, but it was really good. The Detroit style pizza was phenomenal as well.

I picked the oldest mini up from his sleepover and we went...home. For a bit. We had planned, once again, to go hiking at Yellow River State Forest. Instead, my phone alerted me that the area was receiving snow and under a winter weather advisory. No thank you, that isn't for me in April! So, we decided to explore around Des Moines.

First, we started with lunch from Lachele's Fine Foods. Their smash burgers are amazing and I love their hushpuppies with cheese sauce. Yum! Then, we walked through the sculpture park and around downtown, followed by a stroll through Water Works Park and Gray's Lake. Our last stop for the day was Black Cat Ice Cream. We love their unique flavors (the middle mini enjoyed a Butterbeer scoop) and the creamy texture of of the ice cream.

Sunday was a home day. We cleaned, prepped for the week, a quick slinky science experiment, and then it was Grammy's time. No pictures as the kids were back and forth from our house to neighbor friend's houses, but they declared it a Grammy party. My party was keeping track of my children. That's pretty much my life now.