Friday, March 18, 2022

My Kid Convinced Everyone To Drink Pee

During our regularly scheduled St. Patty's Day shenanigans, one of our magical leprechauns peed in the potty. So I don't leave you completely clueless about what our life is like on this day, I have two ceramic leprechauns I purchased years ago at Dollar Tree. One year, I must have been bored, and decided these leprechauns were going to "come to life." They do silly things, leave surprises for the kids, write notes, and hide gold all around the house. This all happens right under the children's noses.

Each year, I'm more and more impressed with the leprechaun's (wink wink) stealthiness. Those mischievous leprechauns have yet to be caught in action and I'd say that's pretty impressive given the amount of kids on high alert to their movements.

So, when the kids discovered green pee (because that's what leprechauns pee looks like) in the little potty and the leprechaun sitting on the potty chair, laughter and screams ensued. Now, I didn't want anyone to spill this green "pee," so logically (if I really had any logic left at this point in the day) I asked my middle mini to go dump out the pee in the toilet. He gladly took it while I moved on to planning more silly happenings. The next scene played out in a matter of seconds, before I could even intervene:

Harrison, the middle mini, to all of the school age daycare kids: Hey guys, legend has it that if you drink leprechaun pee, you'll have good luck all year long.

Kids: Really??

Harrison, as he dips his finger into the green "pee": Yep.

I then watched every child near him dip their fingers in the "pee" so they too could have some made up good luck. I must have been shocked because it took a few seconds for me to jump into action and put a stop to the good luck pee tasting. The one thing going through my mind is that my child, the child that is always doing something, just convinced everyone that pee is a good luck charm and got them to taste it. They didn't know it actually wasn't pee! I wanted to laugh, gag, and cry all at the same time. We're obviously going to have a discussion about making your own GOOD choices while also speaking with my child that we shouldn't convince our friends to do things just for your own enjoyment.

For all of you parents that have THAT kid. The one others shake their heads at, the one that leaves people breathless, while you hold your breath wondering what's going to come next. I feel you. I understand what it's like to have to tell other parents what your child got their children to do or did in front of them. It's all fun and games on St. Patty's Day until your child convinces others to drink leprechaun pee.