Monday, March 28, 2022

Goodbye Sweet Kitty

Life gives me constant reminders that it doesn't slow down. It keeps moving, somehow at what seems like a faster pace year after year. The last 15 1/2 years flew by and this softest little cat saw us through it all: moves, marriage, kids, job changes, a business, dog. Kitty Sophia only wanted pets, wet cat food, and a spot on the back of the couch where she could lounge in the sunlight.

We knew our time with her was limited as she had began losing weight. The weekend we came home from our latest road trip, she stopped eating and drinking. On March 10, I gave my nearly 16 year old cat her last cuddle, had her kitty brother say goodbye, and my husband and oldest son took her to be put down. It was the hardest and easiest decision we had to make. We knew it was time. Somehow, I took it the easiest (likely because I just knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later), while the youngest mini still cries about it; which is ironic since she never really paid attention to the cat at all. 

Sophia mostly spent her time upstairs, lounging on our bed, waiting for one of us to come to bed so she could demand pets, then curl up between our legs. I miss her soft fur the most, with her little mews coming in a close second. 

Doc (left) and Sophia (right), on a day where I was binge watching shows on Hulu during the pandemic. The cats really loved the pandemic, but really disliked our purchase of the pandemic puppy.

One last snuggle with my tiniest baby.

Sophia Marie Sheaffer
June 2006 (we're not sure her exact birthdate since she was rescued) - March 10, 2022