Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Social Distancing Weekend 9

At least I think it's nine weeks now. Maybe ten?? I'm not really sure, but we're doing okay with our social distancing lives. We're completing projects, saving money by not doing anything, hiking wherever we can, and taking the time to do things we all love (at home). Saturday brought us to Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines for a hike around the lake. Of all the places we've been hiking, this park was the busiest. The trail at least. When we hit the beach after our walk on the trail, the beach only had three other families, each yards away from each other. It was the perfect outing even though it was a cool, cloudy day.

Crazy that this tall, gangly boy will be twelve in a few weeks!

Clearly everyone was super excited about our hike. We got a quarter of a mile in and there were tears and they asked to go some place else. Um, where since everything is closed?? So, I did the next logical thing and said, "if you want to continue the attitudes and fussing, go right ahead but we have two choices. We can suck it up, finish our hike, and then go home because we can't go any place else. This is it. Or we can leave and come back to hike when it's pouring down rain outside. It's up to you, take your pick." They chose the first option. I rewarded them with playing at the beach at the end.

As we walked along the trail, Elizabeth gasped "woah! Mom! A whole field of wish things!" Dandelions. She's talking about white dandelions. I will forever refer to them as "wish things" from now on.

The kids made a "new national park" in the sand while the parents dug holes because we had nothing else to do. Great impromptu stop at the lake after our 3+ mile walk.

I love her happy smile.

Shot that the minis took of their national park.

Saturday night was homemade chicken fajitas, drinks, homeschool prepping, and a grown-up movie, 1917. All around good night for mom and dad.

Now, the minis did their weekly slumber party, but Elizabeth had trouble going to sleep. The boys crashed instantly, Elizabeth made scratching noises that freaked the cats out (pictured below, as they try to figure out where the noise is coming from), so we invited her to come watch the 10 p.m. news with us. She requested pizza, so we ordered some. It was a waaayyyy late night for her, but I hope she remembers it because I will forever remember her laughing, joking, and smiling in her nightgown as she stuffed pizza in her mouth.

Sunday was a day at home. We ordered University Library Cafe for breakfast, cleaned the basement and got the house puppy ready(ish; we still have some work to do), cleaned the house, then the minis watched a movie downstairs while Hubs and I watched Contagion in bed. If you haven't seen that movie and want to be thoroughly creeped out at the accuracy of the movie, watch it.

Snagged a coveted grocery delivery time! This is only three days worth of food thanks to daycare ramping up again.

I go from beers and a movie to coffee and a movie, while also working on my computer and snuggling cats.

Nothing fancy, but it was a relaxing weekend. Now I'm looking forward to our next long weekend and what adventures we can have!