Thursday, May 7, 2020

Cinco de Mayo

As evident by my memories of May 5th on Facebook, celebrating Cinco de Mayo at daycare has been a long standing tradition. This year I was warped back in time and celebrated the day with nearly all of the same kiddos I did exactly five years ago. They were just older....and we had to do homeschooling. As odd as the was (or odd from what I had pictured this day being a few months ago), it was wonderful to do something so normal. A normal celebration complete with the usual shenanigans.

Cinco de Mayo featured some delicious food! We made egg and chorizo burritos for breakfast, complete with toppings such as peppers, jalapenos, cheese, and salsa. Naturally, when kids cook nothing is done neatly!

Duolingo has been a wonderful resource these last few weeks for us! The oldest is in Spanish at his middle school, so we incorporated it into our homeschooling day and all kids have been learning.

Social studies was one worksheet about Mexico and learning fun facts about the country and why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Fake margaritas (margarita mix, Sprite, and salt around the rim), berries, and elote. All of the kids were unsure about the elote but they all wound up loving it. Elizabeth's face (below) shows her uncertainty of it.

A bit of reading into between activities.

They painted like Frida for art. Before painting, we learned who Frida was, her life, and looked at some of her paintings.

Learning to dance the cha cha.

Lunch was pozole, chips and guacamole. It was all delicious!

There's a first time for everything: hitting a pinata in the rain! I didn't have a rain alternative, so we quickly did it while it sprinkled on us. Luckily (or maybe, unlucky??) the pinata didn't last long.

I had to pick the pinata up and pour the candy out (of its ass--the kids thought that was hilarious).

Not on my schedule: Pokemon tests. 

The last few hours of the day were seriously the best. My Amazon order of summer toys arrived early, there were surprise cupcakes and margaritas left on our porch from a daycare family, another daycare family brought me a pitcher of margaritas and chips and salsa, and we got the news we've been waiting for: we get our PUPPY next month! There was a lot to celebrate in those final hours: a day where the house was just as chaotic as usual, fun activities, excellent food, a new family/daycare member, and my favorite drink. This was a Cinco de Mayo for the books!

Contrary to popular belief, I did not buy an entire litter of puppies. Only one black lab who will be coming to us in a month for daycare's summer theme: The Puppy Project.