Monday, May 4, 2020

Six Feet Apart Pizza Party

As indicated above, Friday night we hosted a six feet apart pizza party in the driveway. It was actually my mom's idea and we all LOVED it. We haven't seen, let alone spent time with family in two months (or more) at this point. In fact, the minis and I have hardly seen anyone else's face. So, we set up chairs, a folding table, grabbed pizzas, the middle one made cupcakes for everyone, and we gave air hugs instead of actual hugs. Sure, the night got off to a rough start when the boys decided to get into a fight, but things quickly settle down, the minis got May Day baskets, and everyone caught up on quarantine life.

The middle one, the one pouting on the deck, requested Little Caesars Pizza. Mom and Dad usually object to that pizza, but of course Grandma and Grandpa happily obliged.

We began setting up the backyard to hang out in, but then realized our backyard is full sun in the evening, so we turned it into a driveway party.

We're getting really good at the air hugs.

I got to end the night with a Zoom call to discuss the Parks and Rec special and catch up. Perfect night cap to our Six Feet Apart Pizza Party!

Now that we're realizing social distancing and quarantine may be our way of life for the immediate future, we're trying to get creative with how we can see our favorites while still abiding by these newfound rules.