Thursday, September 19, 2019

Football Weekend

We're taking our Football and Chili Weekends very seriously. At least the oldest mini is (especially since it was his idea). Saturday was the Iowa vs. Iowa State game and the oldest requested that we switch Chili Sunday's to Chili Saturday. Done! That meant Sunday was Family Fun Day....but the minis requested another stay home day instead of a day at the amusement park (like, what??!!?). So we spent two days watching football and eating chili.

Saturday morning we fit in a quick trip to our local apple orchard, Iowa Orchard. We didn't pick apples, but instead opted to grab bags of freshly picked apples, apple cider, and our favorite apple cider donuts.

Max was our official goody holder as we drove home from the orchard.

We had grandparents over to watch the big game. Max made a chicken chili, my mom brought goodies (and more chili), and waited through two game delays for the game to get underway. There wasn't a lot of football watching due to that. The minis played outside, the adults drank. It was a good day.

The above picture was taken as the minis asked to stay home for the day on Sunday. Staying home turned into coming with mom to run errands and shop for Halloween costumes. We came home with LOTS of new crafts, daycare activities, and costumes.....although the boys have yet to find their "perfect" costumes. We had a lot of fun shopping for costumes!

The cat was really happy I got him this empty box to sleep in.

Most of this came from Dollar Tree. They were putting out their Christmas items, so I had to snag a few of those before they were gone!

Mom and Dad got a day Walmart. After shopping for crafts and costumes, we dropped the minis at home and went to Walmart for a little kid free time. Of course, Matt watched football on his phone the entire time and got lost repeatedly because he wasn't paying attention. So really it probably would have been easier to take the kids and not the husband!

Yes, I had to take a picture of him trying to get a selfie of us.