Friday, September 6, 2019

Little Moments Like These

I'm pretty great at sharing those big moments in our lives. The trips, the first days of school, fun things we do at daycare. In reality, those are small things compared to our day to day lives. Those moments of sitting in the drive thru on a busy evening and realize your seven year old calls cheeseburgers "cheese hamburgers" or when you remember on a Thursday night that you're late for a meeting but the middle one has a spelling test he's failed to study for. Our lives are made up of those little moments that happen every day. Those moments of pure happiness, joy, exhaustion, defeat, anger, sadness, and amazement. Those moments happen daily.

As I sat down to write my latest article about hiking, I looked through my thousands of pictures of us hiking. However, in between each hiking adventure were countless photos I failed to share. Little moments that meant something to me. Here's a few of those moments I happened to capture over the last few months:

Harrison enjoyed a cup of decaf coffee every morning this summer, while Elizabeth had either decaf coffee or tea. Now that school has started, his relaxing morning cup of coffee is only had on the weekends.

We played so, so, so many games this summer.

The minis learned to cook and bake this summer. Not from me, but from cooking shows. We've made Nutella pizza, cupcakes, cakes, casseroles, pancakes, and more. I absolutely love it because I dislike cooking. A lot.

We went to National Night Out. Actually, Hubs took the minis up first so I could shower (our new schedule now allows me to shower peacefully in the evenings rather than rushed in the mornings). I walked up and discovered Hubs holding all of these goodies from raffles (he won me a free manicure!) and things the kids had done. It made me laugh, especially as they ran around the playground yelling "watch me Dad! Watch! Are you watching closely?"

Evenings and weekends the daycare room serves as my children's playroom. They use it. A lot.

The cats really love when the minis are off from school because their mornings often start with cuddling on the couch with blankets while watching a TV show. The cats are also fond of cuddling with soft blankets. Even better when there's human legs to lay on too.

Along with baking and cooking, the minis other love this summer has been playing music on the TV (through Amazon Music), singing along with the lyrics (because they're on the TV screen), and dancing. This is how the school agers spent a good part of their days at daycare. We grew their music tastes too.

The oldest mini went to a sleepover with his best friends, so these two had a sleepover too. Elizabeth claimed Max's bottom bunk. There was a bit of giggling before they both passed out.

Elizabeth had a zit on her side that was bothering her. She wouldn't bear to get it herself but wanted it gone. The middle mini came to her rescue. I hope everyone has someone who would pop their zits for them. 

I was so excited to discover this in a Chick Fil A bathroom. It was a nice little touch right next to the changing table. The middle mini also informed me (after I wouldn't shut up about it while we ate) there was also one in the men's room.

TWO minis in dance. Wednesday nights are now spent at the dance studio, but at least we have time for dinner this year (before class began at 6, with us leaving by 5:40. It was tough to fit in dinner beforehand). It's just a very late night for us all as classes don't get done until 8:00 p.m.

True story: we were at a restaurant and the waiter opened a beer right at the table. Elizabeth immediately turned to Matt and asked "will you teach me how to open a beer like that?" So, she did it. The bottom picture is the look of astonishment on her face that she was able to "do it all by myself." Also, not a beer, but a bottle of root beer.

This happens when I tell them to find their own snack after school (and they're not happy with what daycare is serving).

I kinda dig Wednesday's. Hubs takes the youngest two to dance on Wednesday's and they're there for two hours. This gives me time to get writing done, help the oldest with any school work he has (which is a thing now that he's in middle school), or he bakes Nutella cookies while we listen to records.

This is how it goes when I decide to work on the blog. Or do any projects in general. If it's not a kid it's a cat.

Leftover night was a thing after cooking four big meals in a row. Bbq, pot roast, food from the family reunion Hubs took the minis to, half of a watermelon, and soooo much more. It was ridiculous how much food we had leftover.

Dance party. Dance dance party.

Speaking of dance. The dancers in action at their studio.

We had a Back To School night (after school began) for the oldest mini at his new middle school. We were able to see some of his works.