Sunday, September 29, 2019

Falling It Up

"We're falling. It. Up. today mom," said by my youngest as we enjoyed a day of our favorite fall activities. We began our day early at the Beaverdale Fall Fest parade. Typically we have to go extremely early to reserve a spot, but with the impending rain, the crowds were low. We arrived just as the parade was starting, the kids got their spot while Hubs and I were able to sit back and enjoy our coffees. It was probably the most laid back Fall Fest parade I've experienced. We offered to take the kids up the festivities after the parade, but they were cold and opted for lunch at Grandma's (my parents house, which is walking distance from the parade route).

Elizabeth: "I'm just going to sit here and I want people to bring the candy right to me." Sadly, most people did bring the candy right to her. Speaking of candy, the minis ended up with more candy than they get on Halloween!

Hanging with the dog-phew, Jack.

After a filling lunch of chicken noodle soup (perfect for the rainy, cloudy day), we went to our favorite farm, Geisler Farms. I went for their wonderful (and wonderfully priced) hay bales, corn stalks, and pumpkins, but the minis talked me into playing at the Pumpkin Patch. How could I say no? Much like last year, we went on a drizzly day and pretty much had the entire farmyard to ourselves! We spent longer than anticipated racing on the carts, jumping, laying in the corn pool, and timing ourselves in the new maze. This Farm isn't as huge as some of the other patches in our area (ahem, Howell's, Center Grove), but it's our favorite family run farm to visit.

Laying in the corn is surprisingly relaxing.

The minis were super excited to have the minivan full of hay bales and cornstalks.

We had thought about going to see Andy Grammer at Adventureland, but after a few hours at the pumpkin patch in the rain, none of us felt like going to the amusement park, riding the rides in the rain, and being at an indoor concert. Instead we opted for Mexican food and costume shopping (and buying) at the Halloween store. It wound up being a fantastic fall Saturday!

The boy's favorite chori-pollo. It's a huge portion so the three of us split it.

Only my daughter asks for a to-go box and fills it with the chips and salsa to bring home.

There's always someone THIS close to me. Even when I'm on the toilet. If this looks fun, then motherhood is right for you. 

Sunday was our Chili Day at home. We watched football, indulged in Pizza Chili (really good!), and finished up our Halloween decorating. We are ready for spooky season!

We have a mixture of fall and Halloween.