Friday, May 10, 2019

Our Racing Weekend

Yeah that's right, we ran a race this weekend. It was only a mile long because I didn't think we were up for the 5k (I was wrong), but it was great to get out first thing Saturday morning and be active. Plus we got to enjoy Living History Farms opening weekend right after.

The kid in the middle of the picture is Harrison, also called the middle mini. He was one of the first kids to finish the race (no surprise there) and instantly asked if he could get in on the 5k too. The three minis probably could have done the 5k with very little troubles, but I likely would have walked most of it! However, it looks like we're now running and training for a 5k because the minis LOVED the race. 

Elizabeth needs to work on pacing. She liked to sprint and then slow to a walk every minute or so. At one point she was running fast and she said, "mom why are you jogging? You're like hardly running." I didn't have the heart to tell her it's because my jog is her fast run! At the end of the race were apples, cinnamon rolls, and water. It was the perfect refuel we needed before we explored the 1850's town of Walnut Hill. 

These two were so proud of themselves and their time.

After our morning at Living History Farms (where our morning race was as well), we stopped for coffee and then to Grandma and Grandpa's to dig up some grasses and help Grandma with her plants (all the boys). A trip to Grandma and Grandpa's wouldn't be complete without running around the house over and over again. They also got rides in the wheelbarrow from Dad.

Elizabeth practiced cartwheels and handstands while the rest of us worked. No surprise there.

Midday Saturday consisted of a great shower, taking the kids for Mexican (for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration), and dropped the minis off at Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover. Yes, Mom and Dad got a night out with friends!

Our night out consisted of another Mexican restaurant (this time with margarita flights), ax throwing, and a late showing of Avengers Endgame.

Blu Toro has decent food, but their margaritas are great. Plus, you can get a flight for only $22.

Next up was Ironside Axe Throwing. For only $20 per person (for one hour) we learned how to properly throw axes and hit the target. I could do this regularly to let off some steam! Minus me getting a bit (okay, a lot) competitive in our girls vs. guys challenge, it was a wonderful hour!

Friends for over 15 years!

When we knew we'd have a completely kid-free night, we booked tickets to a 10:30 p.m. showing of Avengers Endgame. Yes, we had already seen it once. Yes, I wanted to see it again because the first time we saw it with kids and I missed a few important scenes while trying to help with cutting and finding lost silverware in the dark theater. I was surprisingly chipper when the movie let out at 1:30 a.m.

Sunday was our laid back day with breakfast burritos with my parents (Cinco de Mayo), grocery, shopping, getting our wild flower garden together, and family dinner from the grill.

Sometimes grocery shopping goes smoothly. We now have at least one other designated cart pusher that we're confident will no longer knock over the display cans at the store.

Showers and early bed times make Sunday night my favorite night of the week! I always take some time to gather myself/things for the week ahead and have some me-time doing what I love: writing, music blaring, TV on in the background, snuggled on the couch or my bed. As much as I love going, going, going, there's something about those quiet moments to myself on Sunday evening that refuels me.