Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Weekend Running

Exhausted doesn't even begin to cover this weekend! As usual, Saturday was our go-day, Sunday was yard work day, and somehow I managed NOT to sleep in at all. I blame it on my mind racing, going over everything that needs done these next few weeks.

Our go-day was craziness: to the Museum to run an early morning yoga class (I did not teach the yoga class....just in case there was any confusion), to Vegan Fest to run the Children's Museum area at the event, pick up Hubs, a few things for the minis, and a surprise movie of Avengers End Game. The movie was their reward (and ours too) for sticking out our long day.

We've/they've mastered the "go bag." We've learned with trial and error that everyone's go bag (mine included) must include: snacks, a water bottle, extra clothes (and shoes if you're 6 year old Elizabeth), a few small toys (Elizabeth brought her LOL dolls, my "toys" usually include a book, writing material, ear buds, and a portable phone charger), First Aid kits, meds, and anything else we could possibly need on a long day on the go. Some of our go-days are 12+ hours long and our go-bags have saved us many, many times.
These days, I have the minis pack up their own bags. It took one day of them forgetting a few essentials and they've never had an issue remembering their things since then!

The Des Moines Children's Museum corner was in a quiet area by the restrooms (well planned, Vegan Fest!). Part of me didn't like being away from all of the action, but I did appreciate the calmness of the area. The minis were able to walk around the Fest and get some vegan goodies.

They opted out of yoga at the Museum at the very beginning of the day and instead helped me get the last few items together to take to Vegan Fest. I was sooo proud of them for sticking with me from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. They helped me off and on all day long. I surprised them with an evening showing of Avengers Endgame at Flix Brewhouse. Nothing beats dinner and a movie that makes us all happy!

Sometimes I play just as much as the kids at the Children's Museum.

Yelling at the people below "I am Iron Woman!"

Sunday involved yard work and playing the game "is it a plant, weed, or poison ivy growing?" It was fun (not). It was a chilly day, so Sunday Family dinner was taco soup (vegan) with chips, salsa, and guacamole. I love our Sunday dinners. It's the one day of the week where we can sit, have a leisurely dinner, talk, laugh, and enjoy ourselves for a couple of hours. It truly is the best way to end a weekend and begin a week.

Before bed dance/singing party. The minis put their playlists on the TV then stood and sang (so they could see the lyrics) and danced a bit.

Every Sunday we do our Family Dinner at 3 or 4 p.m. so the minis can go to bed extra early snce our weekends are usually busy. I love it because this gives me a few hours of down time before the week begins. I take the time to deep clean the house and finish up any writing assignments from the week before or begin new ones. On this particular night I was getting ready to clean up our mess outdoors when it start hailing. Full on hailing on and off all night. Needless to say, the yard bags stayed on the porch for a while. Gotta love Iowa weather!