Thursday, May 23, 2019

Another Weekend Running

I feel as though our ideal situation would be to have more hours in a day because time seems to be escaping us these days. We've been busy with end of the school year activities and performances that we've been running constantly. Unfortunately, our weekend was much the same way. Thankfully, the weather wasn't the best so we didn't miss too much and we made a relaxing night at home for ourselves thanks to schedule changes.

We began our day with eye appointments and ordering new glasses. Naturally, this took longer than anticipated. We made a pit stop at the bank and the Museum to drop a few necessities off (one of two trips for the day). When we picked the minis up at noon we had promised them lunch. What we didn't tell them was where we would go.

As we hopped in the car, I told Hubs to head downtown and we'll surprise them with a late brunch at Americana for early celebrations of end of the school year, birthdays, and the start of summer. The boys were beyond ecstatic when they realized where we were!

Of course, we didn't have a reservation, so we had some waiting to do. It worked out well because we were able to take a walk around the Sculpture Park while we waited for our 'table's ready' text.

I'm really happy we got a walk around the Park in. The oldest mini had requested a walk there over a week ago and we've had trouble fitting it in.

Brunch. Miss E went heavy on the breakfast foods: pancakes, french toast sticks, honey ham, bacon, sausage, donut holes, and fruit. I was shocked how much our minis ate!

Of course, nothing we do is ever dull.

Just a reminder that moms are never alone...

You may remember our June 30th debacle when we were caught in flash flooding (read about it here). The minis won't soon forget that night so whenever they hear the words 'heavy rains' and 'flash flooding' we make sure we're home. It worked out well because the birthday party we were supposed to attend changed times due to weather and we couldn't make it thanks to our excessive running around.

When we arrived home, the minis asked for a family game night. We had a really fun time! So fun that Hubs and I had an impromptu date night in after the minis went to bed. We ordered food (once we were finally hungry after the biggest brunch ever), played Scrabble, and stayed up way too late.

The middle and youngest minis keep us in stitches often. The middle because of his goofy personality, the youngest because of the things she comes up with and how she views the world. For example, the other night she asked Hubs, very seriously, "um, hey dad. A long, long time ago did things used to be in black and white and gray? Like movies, tv, pictures, and people?" He had a fun time explaining that people could see in color, but that things like movies, tv, pictures, newspapers, etc. were in black and white. She says things like this daily.

So, it came to no surprise that as the boys were setting up the board games we wanted to play (we played a few, but the highlights were Clue and Life), she grabbed the piece she wanted and set it two spaces away from the finish line. "Just start me there," she told her brothers, dead serious.
The boys pointed out that everyone needs to start at the finish line.
"Um, no. Just start me there," she said again, moving her piece back to the finish line. It took all of us a while to convince her that she can't start there!

During the game of Life, she gained a spouse (she chose a husband, "but it's perfectly fine if I wanted a wife too") and she moved herself out of the drivers seat and put her new husband into it. The boys questioned her and she replied, "the dads drive the cars. The moms have to sit in the passenger seat because they have to tell the dads where to go and what to do." I died a little....and I'm also going to make a point of doing the driving!

The cat was not a fan of our game playing, clearly.

Cheese curds and Scrabble.

Sunday was another go-day that involved dance pictures (there's hair, make up, and meltdowns hours before those pictures were snapped), errand running, looking at new cars, and a trip to the hardware store because, get this: HUBS broke a window! Not me. Not a mini. Not one of my 'let's try this!' ideas. Hubs broke it by opening it. 

And because we're we were at the hardware store deciding on new glass for the window, we just decided to go for a temporary fix and just go for an upstairs bathroom remodel in July. After vacation and when we have a thousand other things happening. This is just Completely.

I'm looking forward to Memorial Day weekend because we have made it so we have some kind of freedom! While we have a lot to do and many places to be, we're hoping to have some fun AND get prepared for summer vacation because it begin NEXT WEEK!