Friday, April 26, 2019

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was about as perfect as it could get! Perfect weather, perfect adventures, and perfect people to spend time with. We had another full weekend, but my sunburned shoulders and happy adrenaline rush tell me it was worth it.

The minis got their first sugar rush of the weekend at our Saturday morning donut stop at Donut Hut. Not only did we get a dozen donuts to bring into the Museum, but the donut shop also handed out Easter eggs to all kids filled with candies. 

Easter AND Earth Day activities brought us to the Museum to help set up and get the day started. The minis helped hide Easter eggs around the Museum and made a few special items in the makers space.

Our next stop was to Pearson Park for a vEggan egg hunt. All candies were soy, nut, and dairy free (that's a big one for my allergy kid). This was the first public egg hunt the minis had ever done. I prepped them about pushing kids, kids taking away candies, etc. Well, let me tell you, this was the calmest public egg hunt I've ever seen! The minis grabbed some eggs, but were more excited about the playground. We spent quite a bit of time playing before stopping by home for a refill on our water bottles. Then we were off to the Blank Park Zoo for their Eggstravaganza.

When you're kids are finally old enough to do these things by themselves, mom enjoys sitting in the shady shelter waiting!

The boys didn't care about opening up the eggs (and how awesome that the hosts of the egg hunt requested the eggs back so they could be reused next year!), so Elizabeth and Dad sat on the playground and opened them all.

A quick stop at home meant doing arts and crafts quickly.

The closest I've ever been to a lion!

Collecting eggs around the zoo and riding the train for the first time this season were top highlights from the day.

Truth time: I volunteered to make the dessert for family dinner on Saturday. Of course, because I'm me, I left dipping the strawberries in white chocolate (dyed orange) until the last minute. It would have worked out fine and I could have gotten it done in the morning, but when I pulled the strawberries out of the refrigerator they were moldy! So, after the zoo (and right before family dinner) we ran to the store quickly for fresh berries. The boys were then in charge of dipping the berries. They set while we enjoyed Easter festivities at my parent's house and dinner.

Another egg hunt and baskets. This is where they got nearly all of their candy.

My mom showed Harrison how to use a Whopper egg to color his lips (eye roll here). We then realized my kids have never had Whopper eggs and they thought "the lipstick trick" was "sooo cool!"

Carrot patch brownies: brownies with frosting, smashed Oreo's, strawberry (dipped in white chocolate dyed orange) acting as a carrot, and M & M eggs. The boys were disturbed that the white chocolate I dyed wasn't a bright orange like a carrot. This really bothered much so that they refused to call the dessert carrot patch brownies.

Despite our busy day, the Easter Bunny and her helper stayed up laying out gifts and hiding eggs in the backyard well past dark. Thankfully, no ankles were twisted in the dark yard!

Since our Saturday was so buys, the minis were perfectly content to let us sleep in so they could watch a movie on the couch. Then we got moving! The minis opened their baskets, ate bunny butt pancakes, and did their egg hunt in the backyard (they actually failed to inform us they were starting so we made it out to take pictures just as they were finishing up). 

At the oldest minis suggestion, we walked the High Trestle Trail Bridge in the afternoon and ate a picnic lunch along the trail. Between the weather, the minis in good moods, and a true Sunday Funday, we really couldn't have asked for a better Easter Sunday!

Know how the Easter Bunny hid her eggs??? She grabbed handfuls and randomly threw them around the yard. Her helper was a bit more articulate hiding the eggs in drain pipes and tall grasses.

Meats, cheese, crackers, and Lunchables (for the minis). I absolutely detest Lunchables, but the minis enjoy them. Sometimes it's just not worth the fight, especially during picnic lunches. I'm going to venture that a fair amount of these will be consumed during our road trip this summer.

Not a booger but a piece of cheese that wound up in her nose. I've learned not to ask questions about these things.

The wind in the middle of the bridge was intense. Harrison got a good laugh at his shirt being lifted up by the crosswinds.

Once again (as with our time the previous weekend at Jester Park) we were surprised by the high water levels. We were able to see the damage done by flood waters (minimal in this location) as well.

This just might be my favorite Easter weekend we ever had!