Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another On-The-Go Weekend

The fam at Christopher's for my Aunt's birthday dinner.

The weather turns warmer and we're out in full swing! Last weekend we enjoyed our first breakfast at PerKup Cafe, a day at the Des Moines Children's Museum, and family dinner at Christopher's Restaurant. Sunday brought us to one of the mini's favorite parks, a nice walk, grilling, and building/creating. I did leave enough time to breathe this weekend, which really helped me mentally for a busy work week!

One of Elizabeth's favorite songs is Wildflowers. I sing it to her often and she even has a wall hanging with the lyrics above her bed. I had to smile when she brought me wildflowers, picked from our neighbor's yard (we're still working on boundaries) and asked me to put them in her hair at 7:40 a.m. Sure they were wilted by 10 a.m., but they brought us happiness for two full hours.

Somehow we've not eaten at PerKup Cafe before, but I can definitely see it becoming a frequent breakfast spot for us. Simple breakfast foods (it reminds me a lot of Waveland Cafe, but much less cramped) that everyone loved. We got the Breakfast Appetizer (toast with powdered sugar on it) and the minis were in heaven as they ate it!

Licking the powdered sugar off the plate.

Playing at the Museum while Mom worked hard on programming material and her volunteer shift.

The afternoon was kind of a jumble. All five of us started at the Museum, Hubs had to leave halfway through to go into work, the minis and I had to rely on Grandpa (my dad) for a ride home, and we had just enough time to rest for a bit before it was time to get ready for dinner. Ok, so I rested while the minis quickly put on nicer (and cleaner) clothes for dinner and then ran outside to play.

Christopher's is one of our favorite restaurants in Des Moines. Serving our favorite Italian foods, it never disappoints. Plus, they're awesome with kids of all ages! This dinner was no exception as it was my Aunt's 60th birthday party. After dinner, we went to my parents house for cupcakes, basketball, and deck partying. 

And bubble wrap popping.

Right after this dance off on the deck there were tears, screaming, and a good mom talk that included phrases such as, "don't worry, you didn't ruin Harrison's life by being born," and "you need to stop right now or you will be in your room all day tomorrow." 

Our park playing adventure was cut short by the excitement of a beaver in the creek next to the park. We spent more time watching the beaver than actually playing. So, we came home early and grilled brats and asparagus.

Chalk on the window screen. Not surprising.

We typically abide by the 'no electronics at the table' rule, but I've had a lot of projects that need to be completed. We had a "working" dinner, which means I ate and typed while my family talked to me. We don't do this a lot, but I am happy to have my people who are understanding.

My husband and I volunteered to make new sensory tables for the Museum. My specific requirements for the tables: they need to hold a certain size of Sterilite container and they needed to be sturdy. My wonderful husband called me into the daycare room to ask if these were sturdy enough. They passed the test.