Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Our Easter Bunny Is A Big Screw Up

Years ago before the E.B. started screwing up

Our E.B. keeps screwing up big time. In the past, she's left shopping bags and packages in plain view of the minis. One year she had a basketball hoop delivered at a time the minis were home and watching. That was not one of her finer days, but Mom was able to cover for the E.B. Apparently, sometimes, when the E.B. is extremely busy, she has the Easter basket presents delivered right to the houses and she puts them in the baskets the night before Easter as the minis sleep.

This year the E.B. screwed up again and this year, Mom is extra pissed about it. You see, Mom only has so much time before the oldest mini stops going along with these things. He's really good about putting on a smile, going along with the whole Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy gig, and he even gets excited still about these things even though he's long stopped believing (he refuses to talk to Mom and Dad about it though). 

The E.B. has been if full ordering Easter gifts mode. New clothes, rain coats, shoes, fun science kits, etc. Most of it from Old Navy and Amazon. Mom was talking to Dad (very discreetly) about the E.B.'s latest purchase and how it was to be delivered the very next day. The oldest mini piped up,

"Oh yeah, that magnetic slime kit is supposed to be here on Tuesday."

Mom's eyes went wide, "What?!? How do YOU know that??

A sly smile spread across the oldest mini's face as he admitted, "we get notifications on our Kindle tablets about what you buy. My new tennis shoes will be here on Tuesday too and the fake sensory worms for daycare were delivered at noon today."

Mom was in shock. She had no freaking clue that the minis wonderful tablet notified them of all of the E.B.'s orders. I mean, they were notified not only of the orders, but when they were shipped and delivered (and to what door of our house). Talk about a huge E.B. fail. Mom is really ticked off at E.B. and her stupidity. Mom's not really sure how the E.B. is fixing this one, but the oldest mini sure if having fun making fun of the E.B. this week.