Monday, May 30, 2016

Mom Fashions

Mom life isn't exactly fashionable. In a world where spit up is a perfume, anything white is guaranteed to have smudges the moment you put it on, necklaces are teething toys, sports bras hold up the mom boobs, and anything other than yoga pants is considered dressing up.

So, what's "in" for moms right now? Take a look:

The perfectly put together look. Dress, jewelry, high heels. What you don't see: it took nearly three hours to achieve this look thans to kids demanding oatmeal mid-shower, snot winding up on my first outfit requiring a last minute change, my necklace getting tangled in my hair as I ran after a child. Oh, and speaking of the hair. It needs cut and colored badly....but who has time for that???

The ready for a workout or a nap at anytime. Also known as The Daily. It's the go-to outfit of choice as it provides comfort, flexibility and can be acceptably worn to the grocery store when shit hits the fan about forgetting bananas. Yoga pants, sweat shirt, t-shirt, or tank tops, running shoes. All essentials for my day to day.

The "spa day." Really it was an activity to keep the kids busy and quiet. Now I have beautifully painted....feet and I'm ready for flip flop weather (and gaping eyes at the store).

The jammies look. More than likely lacking in sleep, sanity, and caffeine, pj's are sometimes the way to go.

The keep the kids happy outfit. "Your shirt looks like a cape!" This outfit comes in handy when I want to be "cool mom" because I look like a superhero. All moms have super powers so this is by far the most "mom outfit" to wear.

The can't quite finish the look. Those times when I've managed to get myself half ready, the kids ready, but part of me is still a mess. Glasses and wet hair are acceptable, right???

* All good photos were taken by Lauren Campbell Photography. No, that is not how I look in my pajamas and I rarely wear make up in my day to day life, but when a photographer offers to take the pics, you do it!