Tuesday, May 17, 2016

3 Day Weekend

The end of the school year craziness has begun. I had a three day weekend to help out with the boy's Field Day at school on Friday. I was so happy the events for the boys were in the morning because it was raining by the afternoon. It was however, a perfect afternoon for a nap with little Miss E, then a relaxing evening at home. The rest of the weekend was devoted to furniture shopping, cleaning and rearranging bedrooms, and donating a lot of our "old" items. Our bit of fun for the weekend was attending a birthday party for two of my daycare kiddos. With our busy summer coming up (starting in just two weeks!!) it was nice to get a lot of our organizing completed! Now to just keep the new stuff in decent shape...

I was so impressed with the gym teacher's activities she came up with for Field Day. I'm definitely "stealing" some of these ideas for summer!

Elizabeth wasn't so impressed with Field Day.

The minis requested a "special dinner" Friday night. What does their idea of a special dinner look like? Ramen noodles (I rarely let them have them and their viewed as a treat in our house), with "big huge Easter Bunny carrots" and green apples. Sophisticated tastes here folks.

One wall of our kitchen that got scrubbed (and still only looks slightly better than this). This wall contains paint, goop, slime, marker, and I believe a dried green bean or two stuck to it. The walls around the little tables in the kitchen are frightening!

We told the boys to clean their room so we could bring their new bunk beds in and rearrange their room. Clearly things got messier before they got cleaner.

Our big shopping on Saturday was for new mattresses. Many mattress stores that we stopped at were fantastic with the kids and turned on movies or cartoons for them to watch while Hubs and I shopped around.

The bunk beds got put together and made it into the newly cleaned bedroom!

Homemakers has seen these faces quite a bit in the last two weeks! Luckily we shouldn't (fingers crossed at least) need to step foot into a furniture store for at least a few years.

"Look mom, I'm like a farmer." Max, 7 years old.

Hubs and I treated ourselves to a King size bed. While the kids rarely sleep in our bed, it's nice to have to comfortably snuggle on those mornings when I don't want to get out of bed.

All of the minis got new beds too or I'm certain they wouldn't have gotten out of our new bed!

Now that we got some of our Need To Do's checked off, we'll have plenty of time for playing and fun that's to come when summer begins!