Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1.) Sunglasses and/or sun hat. I tend to misplace my sunglasses often so I always go with super cheap pairs from Target. If I ever start being more responsible with my sunglasses, these are at the top of my list. I've never been a fan of hats, but I bought myself a new sun hat for our beach adventures this summer and I absolutely love it.

2.) Back pack purse. I bought one last fall for our trip to Vegas and I've been carrying it every since. Not only does it hold quite a bit but if you're active, it's a lot easier to lug around than a regular, on the shoulder purse.

3.) Beach bag. Whether you plan on the pool or a beach this summer, a large beach bag is a must to carry the family's needs.

4.) Crocs flip flops. While not the most stylish, they feel good to my mom feet and can be worn for long hours causing no issues with my feet.

5.) Nail polish. Love these summer colors!

6.) Starbucks gift card. I promise, it will be well used. (You can even order through Amazon and save yourself a trip!)

7.) Baseball tickets (or other sporting events). This is only safe if she has asked for such tickets or is interested in sports.

8.) While we'll be on the road again for Mother's Day, I LOVE relaxing days when I can lounge and read my books. I just re-read The Alchemist and that was so inspiring. My other current reads are The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante.

9.) Bluetooth Earbuds. These come in really handy when my hands are busy with the kids.

10.) Summer dress. I love these comfy yet cute and stylish dresses.

11.) Flowers. Bouquets of fresh flowers are always loved.  A potted plant is an easy gift that keeps on giving!

12.) Coffee mug. I'm slightly obsessed with coffee mugs and have a unique array of them in my cupboards. I found this one at Barnes and Noble while on our latest road trip and fell in love with it.