Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Road Trip Surprise

We've been waiting to take an upcoming road trip for a couple of months. Our minis have inherited our love for road trips and new experiences. To get them even more excited, we've kept the trip a secret! They know that we are going somewhere, but they don't know when we're going or where we're going. They've spent the last few weeks trying to guess where we'll be headed:

The oldest mini found out where we were headed the other night when I was booking hotels. Sometimes I forget that he can read. He's doing a pretty good job of keeping our destination a secret. I'm so excited to tell them we'll be going on a whirlwind, long weekend trip to Indianapolis to attend Earth Day activities at North America's largest children's museum! We'll be leaving on a Thursday 
after school. I plan on surprising them that morning before they leave for school. I have already pre-apologized to their teachers for this.  Stay tuned for the surprise reveal video in less that two weeks!