Sunday, April 3, 2016

Caught In The Act!

One of my simple pleasures of being a mom is watching my kids interact with each other. Even better if I can make myself inconspicuous and watch them. That's when I get to see how amazing their bonds are with each other, the love, the sweet gestures that would otherwise go unnoticed, and also those moments where they're being terrible to each other.

Take for example yesterday afternoon. Matt left for the grocery store and took Elizabeth. The boys were in the backyard playing. From the window I could see them creating a game and playing together. When one of them tripped in the middle of the yard, the other came running to help him up. These are the moments I want to capture and keep them ingrained in my mind forever. 

I grabbed my camera and quietly sneaked out the front door to the backyard. I found my spot so I could see them but they couldn't see or hear me. Then I caught this "sweet" moment from my boys:

"Harrison, I can not stand you right now!" Max throws his flip flop at Harrison.

"Stop Max!!" says Harrison in one of the whiniest voices I've ever heard.

"What you don't like that???" Max says as he throws the second flip flop at him.
"I'm gonna find my stick and beat you with it!" scowls Harrison as the second flip flop hits him.

I clear my throat and make myself known. Both boys look at me. They smile sweetly. Max says "hey Harrison, do you want to play Flip Flop Wars? Because that's what we were playing. That's why I threw my flip flops at you. That's what we're playing."

Nice cover kid. You were caught.