Sunday, September 27, 2015

Let Me Call You....Pooper???

Recently I've had several conversations with moms about their children's nicknames. One mom admitted to calling her son "little pooper poo" during diaper duty at 3 a.m. when he was a newborn. The name stuck. That child is now over six and is still called "little pooper" ("but only at home," confided mom. Not that it makes it any better). This got me thinking about the ridiculous nicknames parents come up with for their kids. we've come up with for our kids.
Take for example our kid's nicknames/pet names/whatever you call them:
Real name: Maxwell JohnVarious nicknames: Max, Maxie, Maxie Pie, Maxi Pad (I can not believe this one came out of my mouth...numerous times), Maxity, Maxie John, Buddy, Big GuyThe low down: Before Max was born, we agreed to call him Max. Thankfully that name stuck, but there's always a few Maxie's and Big Guy's thrown around
Real name: Harrison JamesVarious nicknames: H, Hee, Hee Boy, Hee J, Big HThe low down: We  didn't have any pre-approved nicknames before he was born, but we threw around Harry and Sonny. But Harrison is NOT a Harry or a Sonny. Matt called him "H" one day and the name just stuck.
Real name: Elizabeth AnnVarious nicknames: Bup, Buppy, Buppy Ann, Lily, Lils, Lily AnnThe low down:We had plans to call her Liz or Lizzy, but two year old Harrison calling her Liz-Bup quickly earned her the name Bup for the first two years of her life. Since then, she goes by Lily.
Now I want to know: what are some nicknames you've given your child/ren? What are some ridiculous nicknames you've had? I would LOVE to hear them!