Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New Car Weekend

I'm only half joking when I say this: I was bored so I bought a new car last week without seeing it. I DID in fact buy a car online (from a local dealership) without seeing it (I have driven Highlanders before, so I wasn't completely clueless). I'm just not convinced it's because I'm bored, it's just part of my insanity. So, in between dance pictures for the kids, we picked up the new vehicle, took the kids for a drive, took Elizabeth for dance pictures, and then went to Badger Creek Park for pictures with the sunflowers.

I actually went with a vehicle that ISN'T a minivan! We decided on the Highlander AWD because it's good on gas mileage, good in the mountains, has enough seats for us all, and runs well. We plan on putting a car topper on soon for when we travel. It's not as much room as we're used to, but it checks all of the other boxes for us.

We left for Badger Creek right after it rained. We were treated to a rainbow over the cornfields before we got muddy in the sunflower fields.

She's making fun of me because I told her to "smile nicely."

Couldn't miss out on pictures of the furry child.

I'm sure we were every photographers favorite people. There seemed to be a bunch of photographers doing senior pictures. My kids immediately lept into the fields of sunflowers and played hide n' seek  in them. Zeus tried his best to run after them...while he was on his leash, so he pulled Matt right along with him. It was a sight!

The kids are in charge of the dog and cleaning up after him. If he poops after dark, they like to wait until morning to clean it up. Fine, as long as they don't forget. I looked out the window to see Harrison, shirtless, trying to stick a giant stick in the ground. I asked what he was doing and he replied, "marking the poop spot." I never did find out why he was suddenly shirtless.

Sunday's are now for washing and cleaning the new car, puppy cuddles, puppy playdates, and deep cleaning the house.

He's a huge helper...until he decides he too hot and wants to go inside.