Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 4

The Big love to help the littles. Here I was told to "back up" (by all parties involved here). I guess I'm only good for diaper changes, snacks, and random hugs.

Two birthday celebrations, activities, a puppy that fit right into daycare, dolls, nails, flour "sand," and a few "schooly things." As usual, a busy week and an important week as we settled into a daycare routine with the puppy. It went smoother than expected, more exhausting than usual, and just as much fun as dreamed of. Zeus (the puppy) does a good job of keeping the kids busy and entertained, the kids are learning how to take care of and deal with a puppy who likes to nip at their clothes as they run by. 

Word finds, scrambles, and crossword puzzles are a hit with the school agers. I try to have them do them once or twice a week, with various themes each times. Sometimes they're science related, usually history based, and sometimes a just for fun one.

Flour "sand" (flour + vegetable oil) is always a hit with the kids. It was also a hit with the dog, so we had to work to keep him out of it!

Zeus discovered the toilet flushes. He's mildly obsessed. He was either in the flour sand or in the bathroom waiting for someone to flush.

I had to figure out how to cut a 10 layer cake. We didn't have plates that were big enough!

I expect a lot of the kids. They have to clear their plates, clean their spot, wash hands, etc. after every meal and snack. I'm so used to reminding them that it's second nature, but sometimes, I realize I didn't remind them and I see a 4 year old clearing the crumbs off of the table all on her own. I am always treated with these little things every so often. It's a much needed reminder that the kids DO actuall listen and learning throughout the days.

Our science experiment for the week: which chip is greasiest? We weighed the chips to make sure we had the same of each chip, put the pile on a sheet of paper, crushed them, then measured (and weighed) the grease. The kids made their predictions, everyone had a job to do, and we got to eat chips afterward. For those wondering, Lay BBQ has the most grease.

We're working on the "don't bother the dog while he sleeps." It doesn't always work.

Once cut, Harrison's cake quickly fell over. The boys asked to do a "cake smash" after dinner. I couldn't think of a reason to say no.

This was the day I had it all planned and then we did nothing. But not because the day went down the drain, but because the kids were all learning through other activities I chose not to interrupt. It was beautiful. We didn't get to much else on the schedule the rest of the week for the same reason.

I got puppy cuddles in the morning while I sipped my coffee, the cat got cuddles during nap time when the bigs fell asleep reading in the afternoon, and Zeus sleeps in the middle of all the kids whenever he feels the need to nap. Everybody wins.

The oldest mini and I got to go to a friend's house for dinner, drinks, and life catch up for the first time in months! We were both happy to see friends.

Dolls and accessories took over the daycare room. The kids learned quickly not to leave their toys on the floor or they become puppy toys.

The kids practiced addressing envelopes and writing a check. I figure this is not things they learn in school, but valuable information nonetheless. Plus, all of the kids were geniunely interested in learning how to do both of these things.

"He stole our bucket from the mud kitchen!" I know how to get kids to share, I'm learning about dogs.

My life on Thursday: doll, Pokemon cards, and nails. The kids had fun, I was able to sit back and enjoy the chaos. It really was great, despite having to clean spilled nail polish up off of the bathroom floor.

Friday we celebrated this guy's (above) birthday at daycare. Although he didn't want a daycare birthday this year, but I made sure to have his favorite things available: Pokemon, surprise cupcake delivery mid-day, pizza for lunch, and a neverending The Floor Is Lava game that was played in the rain. I think he had a pretty good "no birthday party" day!

The kid's top favorite things from the week:

1.) The Floor Is Lava show on Netflix
2.) Being able to walk Zeus because of this harness
3.) Listening to Hawaiin music via Amazon Music
4.) Molly's Cupcakes delivery
5.) Bug spray since they're outside all day long