Sunday, July 5, 2020

Harrison's Birthday AND Father's Day Weekend

This was a very big weekend. We introduced the newest family member to our adventure days, granted a little bit tamer than usual. We began the weekend with Zeus' first walk around the block. He had to be carried the last portion of the walk because he got tired quickly!

Yes, that's my daughter wearing a fleece Olaf onesie on our walk.

Our newest breakfast take out go-to: University Library Cafe. The breakfast nachos are delish!

The minis have a faithful helper in everything they do now.

Before we went off to celebrate Father's Day with my parents and sister, we stopped by  Tower Park Spraygrounds in Des Moines. Not only had we never been there (it was skipped last summer due to our crazy schedules), but we had the entire spraygrounds to ourselves! We've been very lucky with all of our outdoor adventures because we've been able to easily socially distance ourselves. Since we were by ourselves, we let Zeus join in the fun too!

Since we haven't been out much, we didn't realize one of our favorite chinese restaurants closed during the pandemic. We're so sad because we loved this place. 

Zeus comes everywhere with us right now. Even to grandma and grandpa's house. We celebrated Father's Day with fair themed food and the dogs had a play date. Well, Zeus tried. My parent's dog was not very fond of Zeus, but Zeus didn't seem to care much!

Footlong hot dogs, corn dogs, and funnel cake!

While I made the grocery list, the kids and Hubs enjoyed watching a friend perform in ComedySportz via Zoom. Even Zeus got in on it too--as he slept.

Sunday was "the day." Harrison sat down at the table to show off his birthday presents: a puppy, hiking boots, and Pokemon cards. Then we were off for a busy day! We went to Raccoon River Park to play on the playground for the first time since playgrounds re-opened, swimming in the lake, visits from grandparents when we were back home, Snookies for the first time this summer, and the biggest feat of all: Harrison decorating his 10 LAYER birthday cake for his daycare birthday the next day. It was a very busy day!

The minis re-gifted their Easter candy to their dad for Father's Day. He's laughing because he bought half of it for their Easter baskets back in April.

These three were so happy to be on a playground again!

This was an eventful beach trip. Zeus loves water, but wasn't sure about the lake. He was bothered that he couldn't be in the actual beach area with all of the kids. It was nearly 100 degrees so he was hot. He dug a hole and laid in it (the cool wet sand cooled him down). We had to carry him all around the beach and playground because his little legs couldn't make it. We only lasted about an hour at the beach before we went back home.

The umbrella is a lifesaver for black dogs!

Zeus was done being outside and stood outside the ice cream shop's door and cried because he wanted in.

Since Zeus is such a trooper, we treated him to a puppy cone. He approved.

Admittedly, we've done a lot of take out the past few weeks. By the time dinner rolled around, I had no interest in cooking because I was worn out. We ordered pasta dishes from a local restaurant, supervised cake decorating, and called it a day.

Harrison made "a Hawaii cake." Why? "I finally got my dog this year for my birthday, so next year I want to go to Hawaii." I can't say I'm opposed to this idea...
I loved the creativity on this cake! Lego people cliff climbing, swimming with dolphins, and a cupcake volcano getting ready to erupt.