Sunday, December 1, 2019

Top 5 From The Long Weekend

holiday movies in Christmas jammies

Long weekends are perfect for catching up on life and connecting with everyone and everything. We got a little bit of everything during our four days off: family, friends, neighbors, shopping, projects, creativeness, relaxing, playing. The only thing missing was adventuring, but the weather seemed to have other ideas. Here are some of my faves from our weekend:

1.) Thanksgiving weekend was a good one for Christmas movie watching. Noelle on Disney + was cutesy and fun for our whole family.

2.) We didn't go shopping for much on Black Friday (actually Thanksgiving to cap off our night) other than Benadryl and laundry pods, but I managed to walk out of the store with a new tool bench for daycare.

3.) Breaking out our Christmas decorations is something the minis look forward to every year. Our Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer stuffed animals are particularly beloved (and yes, in this house they also serve as decorations). This year they've taken up residence in the daycare room in the "Christmas house," also known as our playhouse that now has a blanket, pillows, and books in it to read all of our holiday books (and play with a stuffed Rudolph).

4.) While I was busy with Museum exhibit shenanigans, Hubs took the minis to Valley Junction for Small Business Saturday. Our favorite place to grab all Iowa products and garb for our out of town family and friend gifts is Heart of Iowa

5.) After all our Thanksgiving meals were consumed, the Christmas music began. My favorite holiday playlist on Amazon Music, Christmas Past, has a little bit of everything (and many of my favorite songs).


6.) Family jammies are where it's at this year. I actually can't believe my husband went along with this one!