Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2019 was perfect! For us, at least. We're finally to the point where holidays are actually enjoyable with the minis, rather than an overly tired, overwhelmed feast of a mess. Our first year of such joy was last year and I was really hoping it wasn't a fluke, so I was really happy (and impressed) we kept it together for a full fourteen hours of holiday gratitude.

We began our day with cinnamon rolls and parade watching at home, followed by lunch at my parents house, then home for side dish baking and Friends Thanksgiving episode watching. We continued the celebrating with dinner at Hub's parents and made the mini's wishes come true with late night Black Friday shopping.

It was a FULL day spent with family and those we love. I feel incredibly lucky that my favorite holiday was oh-so-perfect!

We figured out it had been 20+ years since we had all spent Thanksgiving together. It was wonderful to sit around the table and talk about everyone's Thanksgiving traditions. 

As on every Thanksgiving Day, the minis got a new set of Christmas jammies!

These four boys got into trouble and Grandma and Grandpa's (for throwing toys and dishes at each other as some kind of game. Eye roll). The middle mini obviously took their time out very seriously, as evident by him laughing and goofing around on the couch.

Pictures of a tired Elizabeth on Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's couch at the end of this Thanksgiving above and a picture of a tired Elizabeth on Grandpa Sheaffer from Thanksgiving four years ago below. Same tired face just older looking.

My favorite thing was hearing Nora yell "Lily! Lily! Lily!" when Elizabeth left the table to go get dessert. 

One last cousin picture before we left for the night.

The only reason the minis wanted to go Black Friday shopping (done on Thursday night because I wanted Friday to be a day at home) is because of news footage (from years ago) showing people getting trampled and fighting over deals. This is what they envisioned, but the mall and Target weren't that busy and everyone was incredibly nice. Their response to this, "well, we'll have to try again next year." Our main purchases for the night were new Christmas outfits and daycare got an unexpected tool bench for their new toy this week.

The minis brought their own money to spend. We decided it was just going to be easier to have Dad pay for everything in one big transaction and everyone would pay Dad. Elizabeth worried about forgetting and handed over her cash in the middle of the clothing section...from an empty pill bottle. Apparently that's where she stashes her cash!

The last order of business on Thanksgiving was changing into pajamas, listening to Christmas music, and putting together a tool bench. It was a crazy long day, but we all went to bed happy.