Tuesday, December 24, 2019

First Christmas Celebrations of the Season

The weekend didn't go exactly as planned because strep throat hit our house. Luckily, we still had fun, those that needed it got plenty of rest, and we were able to enjoy the weekend fully! The minis relaxed at home on Saturday (after our visit to urgent care, the pharacist for antibiotics, and Shang Yen for their favorite Chinese food) and Hubs and I had an adults only Christmas shopping afternoon with friends. Even better that we got the rest of our shopping done in local stores.

Elizabeth is mad because the cat knows she's the weakest and he can easily steal food from her plate.

I want one of these trees! We had so much fun in the antique stores!

We ate lunch at Vino 209. It was wonderful! I loved the Santa roaming the streets of Valley Junction passing out stress balls to the store workers.

Our original plans included seeing Star Wars in the late afternoon, but since Harrison wasn't feeling well, the two youngest minis and I stayed home, wrapped presents, and went to bed early, while Hubs took the oldest to see it. It was actually a perfect Saturday night!

The littlest mini wrapped the gifts with masking tape. I had to laugh.

Sunday we had our first Christmas at my parents house. A few years ago we made a rule that we don't go anywhere Christmas Day after a particularly rough holiday where we were running around all day, the minis didn't have fun, and everyone was in tears. Now, we keep our Christmas Day simple and low key and celebrate the holiday throughout the month of December with family and friends. It is absolutely wonderful! On days like Sunday, we were able to give an entire day to celebrate with family and not feel rushed once. We had a great day, the minis were sooooo excited to open gifts, and even though we already gave my parents their big gift of looking at Christmas lights the previous weekend (read about that here), we had a few small things for them too. Meanwhile, the minis were spoiled with random toys they asked for (like a Squishimal and the Pillsbury Dough Boy--yes, one of mine actually asked for that) and clothes and we were spoiled with our National Park Pass, gift cards, games, and home decor.

We LOVED Pajama Christmas! So comfy.

Yes, my dad dressed up as Santa.

So excited to open presents. Only my child would ask for a Pillsbury Dough Boy (my mom scored it on Ebay) to go with a cook book and chefs hat!

We had a wonderfully relaxing day just hanging out with my side of the family. Sunday night the oldest mini went to a sleepover, the younger two ate sugar and went to bed, and I got the house ready for an easy daycare week (I'm only open two days thanks to Christmas in the middle of the week).

Now that the minis are older and we've figured out how to keep the season less stressful, we have such a fun time with all of our Christmases! One Christmas down, only four more to go!