Friday, December 13, 2019

Favorites From Our Week

Reindeer snack mix for daycare's parent presents was delicious!

1.) I used this recipe for reindeer snack mix, but subbed the peanut butter for sun butter and chocolate chips for vegan chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand to be precise) and had the kids help make the mix to take home as part of their parent presents. Super yummy that I even made a batch for myself during nap time!

2.) One of my daycare girls came in wearing these adorable reindeer boots. Perfect for winter weather and the holiday season!

3.) It's no secret that I REALLY wanted an ice floor for the Des Moines Children's Museum and it's no secret how flipping excited I was my fellow board members went along with the idea. I finally got to test it out before it opened to the public. If we had a bigger house, I'd totally do this for daycare too.

4.) Tis' the cold and flu season, fa la la la....which, I'm pretty sure, is why Puffs Plus with lotion was invented.

5.) A swing dress for swing dancing is a must. Helpful tip: wear leggings underneath because this dress definitely swings!

6.) My suede boots needed a good cleaning. I tried this and it worked pretty well to get out the Aquaphor stains that got on my boots (from my children) last winter.

7.) Target sent me a nice little coupon: spend $100 in store and get $20 off. Easily, very easily, done!