Friday, August 23, 2019

First Two Weekends of August

The themes for these two weekends was family and friends. June was a crazy month, as it always is, due to it being Birthday Month for all three minis. We were gone for half of July on our #epicroadtrip so it was time to catch up with our friends and family. We went to cook outs, game nights, drinks, and dinners. As usual we managed to squeeze in a few things we hadn't gotten around to this summer including the downtown Farmer's Market and seeing the newest addition to our Sculpture Park. I really should categorize this as one #epicsummer because that's how it's wound up!

When Hubs and I stopped by the Farmer's Market during our day date (read about that here) I saw so many people walking around with pineapples and watermelons drinking out of them. Of course, the stand was completely sold out by the time we got around to them, so we made sure they were our first stop with the minis. Soooooo good, so fresh, and soooo many people us and asked us where we got them.

As we stood on the street drinking our watermelon and pineapple juices, we saw who I thought was one of the kid's teachers at school. She had two younger children with her, cleanly dressed, and gave me a big smile when we made eye contact. I was so busy making sure the minis didn't drop a pineapple or watermelon that I gave her a quick hi. Hubs looked at me oddly, but didn't say anything otherwise. A few minutes later I looked at Hubs and said, "wait was that the Governor of Iowa?"

"Yes...." he replied.

"Yeah, totally thought that was one of the kid's teachers at school. I almost told her I'd see her up at school in a few days." Sadly, this is a typical me moment.

Pineapples,watermelons, breakfast bowls and wraps, and one giant cinnamon roll rounded out our Farmer's Market visit.

Since it was on our way home, we made a quick stop to the Sculpture Park to see the new Love sign. I was thrilled we got one because we missed out on Love Park in Philly a few weeks ago!

A trip to Target isn't complete until we've done the Lego aisle, followed by the Barbie aisle, game aisle, and clothing section.

I'm telling you, your day isn't complete until you've had a kid wake you up from a snooze on the couch with an accordian. Also, she doesn't play the accordian so it was extra special.

The kids played while the adults caught up on life. It was perfection.

Life is always better with water. Notice the middle mini giving the dog drinks of water with his squirt gun.

Sunday Funday at Adventure Bay and go carts with cousins. We have used our season passes to Adventureland A LOT this year! So worth the money. If you're in the Des Moines area, they make the perfect Christmas gift (hint hint) for fun memories.

Cereal for Sunday dinner. They never knew this was an option before this night!

I've noticed my children have no issues making themselves at home, even when they've never been to someone's house! Another meal spent with wonderful people.

Contemplating life with their Aunt. I love how they're looking at her with such adoration. I hope they always look at her like that.

I had a free Saturday morning and instead of scheduling something, I started Grey's Anatomy while I worked on my writing, drank coffee, and chomped on Champagne grapes. Also, champagne grapes are amazing!

Every year on the 4th of July we go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a cook out, do a massive slip n' slide, and to watch fireworks. Since we were in DC this 4th, we did a fun end of summer night. The only thing missing were fireworks, but that didn't matter because the minis did the slip n' slide all night, taking a break only to eat.

The minis tend to break into daycare goodies when I sleep in on the weekends. This was no different. Luckily they do a great job of  cleaning up and helping me get ready for a new daycare week each Sunday afternoon.