Monday, July 29, 2019

2 Weekends In July

Coming back from vacation can leave you in a lull. Thankfully we had family into town to keep us busy and going! After a long, but good, first week back from vacay we started our weekend with a cookout, followed by a day at the water park on Saturday. Sunday we did our usual Sunday Family Fun Day with a showing of The Lion King and family dinner with my side of the family.

We have played so many games this summer. Tenzi is a new favorite, along with the usual Clue and Game of Life.

Matt and I braved the water park with FIVE KIDS!! It was actually easier than just going with our three. The boys all went off together (the buddy system at its finest) while Hubs and I enjoyed some time with Elizabeth. I even had a few drinks because I felt I deserved it after surviving my first full week back from vacay!

Storm clouds moving in....

Me when I realized drinking before going on rides wasn't the best decision...but anything for the kids.

Just as we were getting ready for the ride to start, they shut all of the rides down due to the storm. Just as we stepped off the ride the skies opened, we were caught in yet another downpour (we seem to be really good at those lately. See our days in DC post for that one), and deemed it time to leave Adventureland.

Nerf gun wars with cousins before our night ended.

I couldn't stop laughing when I realized the oldest had caramel stuck to his butt from sitting on his bag of caramel M & M's. The giggles started again for the other minis when we passed by the fountain to see someone filled it with dish soap. Seeing this prank done again and again always brings a smile.

Brownies with a tan at Grandma's house.

The following weekend was our 24 hours kid free weekend!! My parents did their annual Back-To-School Shopping Day with the minis. They picked them up Saturday morning, bought all their school supplies, new school clothes, new shoes, took them for lunch, and then a sleepover at their house. Meanwhile, Hubs and I went to the Farmer's Market (without having to worry about losing a mini in the crowds), kayaking at Gray's Lake, a Whole Foods run for clean cashews, drinks on a patio, a nap, dinner, and a late movie. We fit in everything we wanted and proceeded to have a relaxing Sunday Family Fun Day at home that included two hour naps and Giordano's pizza.

Enjoying our late breakfast/early lunch on a quiet spot on the sidewalk. We also ran into a thunderstorm, however we avoided being drenched by running back to the car just in time and waiting the rain out.

Coffee in the car (rain free).

Kayaking with a view of downtown Des Moines.

I had never been kayaking before so I had to figure out paddling....but in truth, Hubs did most of the work and I soaked in the sun!

I belong to a Food Lovers group of Facebook that reviews local restaurants. One review I keep seeing is cheese curds from Sully's. Now, Sully's is a bar and for someone who always had her kids with her, this isn't a kid friendly place. So I took advantage of the kid free time to enjoy a gin and tonic and cheese curds on the patio. They really are the best cheese curds in Des Moines!

A late afternoon nap, followed by a phenomenal dinner at Simon's (I got the mac and cheese--this weekend featured a lot of cheese) and then a late movie at the Palms theater in Waukee.

The love seat style of seating at Palms is comfortable, but only if you know the person you're snuggling with! As we waited for a table at Simon's we were speaking to another couple who were also heading to see a movie at the Palms after dinner. They explained a rather uncomfortable movie viewing due to seating confusion the first time they went. 

All of the school supplies and new clothes! I feel like I was spoiled just as much as the kids because I didn't have to worry about getting any of it plus I got a day without kids!!

This girl has the life: sitting in the cart smelling candles, getting pushed around the store.

Watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure while eating Giordano's pizza. After everyone's 2+ hour naps.

Our next few weekends will be spent at cookouts with friends and family before the school year begins. I feel like a busy June and our vacation took up a good chunk of summer vacation, so now we're catching up with everyone we haven't seen since the beginning of the summer.