Monday, October 15, 2018

Room On The Broom Day

Room On The Broom is hands down the kid's favorite Halloween book. We read it multiple times a day plus there's a short movie of the book on Netflix (just in case you or your child haven't discovered it yet). They love it so much that we made an entire day out of it (as we did last year as well)! We had several activities related to the book and/or witches. 

Our activities included:

  • Reading Room On The Broom (4 times)
  • Watching Room On The Broom
  • Making witch's broom sticks
  • Decorating wands
  • "Flying" on our broom sticks
  • Re-enacting Room On The Broom
  • Drinking "Witch Potion" (also known as apple cider) and eating a witch hat for afternoon snack
I also snagged this Room On The Broom Activity Book for the older kids to do some of the puzzles inside. They loved it!

"Flying"  on their broom sticks helped with some of the pent up energy since it was raining (yet again). Bonus that no one poked an eye out with their sticks.

I told the kids we had a Witch Lunch: witch's hair (spaghetti), french fries (because the dragon likes to eat "witch with fries" in the book), frog tongues (green beans), and witch fingers (carrots). Usually the kids giggle and tell me, "no Ash, it's just our lunch!" Instead I was met with very worried faces who looked like they were about to cry as they backed away from their plates. I had to reassure them it was really just spaghetti and that it was okay to eat. Ooops!

Apple cider in the witch's cauldron and our witch hats (cookies, frosting, and waffle cones).

All of this was simple to do and the kiddos loved it! I decided to skip the Witch's Potion (also known as The Witch's Lab last year) making activity, but I plan on adding it in for this theme day next year.