Thursday, October 18, 2018

Week In Review: October 8 - 12

Monday mornings are rough, even when I get to start them by resting on the couch until kidlets arrive. The week went pretty smoothly since I did a lot of prep the Sunday beforehand. As usual for this time of year, Halloween and everything pumpkin took center stage for our activities. We also had a few big kids around at the end of the week (thanks to conferences at school). 

We've been working on (A LOT) problem solving for themselves before seeking out help. This requires them to use their words with each other, which is always hard to do. They've been doing pretty well with it, although it's been mostly me sitting in the middle of the all of the kids and talking them through, word for word, what to say to friends in certain situations. Otherwise, the kids have excellent listening skills. I'm very impressed with how independent this group of kids are and how well they do things on their own.

Monday morning snack was squash tasting. There was spaghetti squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, and pumpkin pie puree (homemade, from our pie pumpkin I got at the pumpkin patch). The verdict from the tastings: spaghetti squash was the favorite followed by the butternut squash. Only one kids liked the acorn squash and all of the kids only licked the pumpkin. They were also encouraged to touch (or eat with their hands) and smell each squash. After the squash tasting they got to "play with the goop." We baked the seeds to try later in the day too.

Halloween books. All day every day there's at least one kid reading them!

Halloween ornaments/hanging decorations the kids colored.

Funny story about this sensory bin: I have been looking EVERYWHERE for it! I had my husband and minis looking right along with me. When it didn't turn up after looking in every nook and cranny of our house, I figured I emptied it for another activity. I was still puzzled where it's contents wound up. I kind of shrugged it off. A week later I was in the basement doing laundry when I glanced at the washer. Right next to it I discovered the favorited sensory bin! I suddenly recalled pulling the bin out in August to grab some black beans for another sensory activity. Then I decided to just set it next to the washing machine so I didn't have to dig it out in a couple of months. I figured back in August it was be safe there. Safe it was, but difficult to find apparently. I felt happy and stupid at the same time.

Halloween costumes were delivered. Daycare kids hoped they were toys! But they're looking forward to after Halloween when my minis are done with them and they go in the dress up clothes!

This youngster discovered online shopping (eye roll here). It's not secret that I do A LOT of our shopping online (groceries, presents, toiletries, household items, furniture, appliances, etc.). It seems to have caught on because she grabbed my computer and said, "mom, can I look at Gap?" Computer class at school has obviously come in handy for her.

A dead bug on the rug. It was a BIG deal and was talked about all day long.

I put a corn pool in the daycare room. It is very much loved and surprisingly not as huge of a mess as I predicted.

I absolutely loved this activity. Each child got a ball of clay. In the middle of the table were leaves, small twigs, bark, spoons, plastic knives, rolls, potato smashers, and more. Ideally, they would have flattened it out and then started imprinting on the clay, but they insisted on the ball. They were fairly successful in flattening it out with the smashers, spoons, and rollers, but even the kids who insisted on keeping it in a ball had fun with this.

Do-A-Dot markers on leaf cut outs.

Clay leaf prints. I let them air dry for a few days (we have yet to paint them). I had the kids press leaves we found outside into clay, then I used a knife to cut around the leaf, and they pulled the excess clay away.

I was in awe watching this creative game take shape. It started with the girl sitting in the pool and asking one of the kids to toss her an apple (a fake one from our "apple orchard"). This turned in to kids standing on the hay bale throwing the apples into the corn pool at a specified target. There was lots of cheering, encouragement, and turn taking. 

Boo Bats hanging from the ceiling fan. They don't really fly when the fan is on (much to the kids disappointment) we discovered.

Games and learning activities from our "learning shelf," as the kids call it. This learning shelf is filled with games, puzzles, STEM activities, building activities for 4+ years old, and more. We take a bit more care of these things than our other toys, so automatically the kids think these things are something very special!

Another Room On The Broom day success!

It was such a fun and busy week for everyone!