Friday, September 28, 2018

Hello, Fall Weekend

I knew fall had arrived when I had to wear my sweatshirt and jeans ALL DAY last Saturday. We did what we pretty much always do this time of year: go to Apple Fest at Living History Farms, shoot things at the Iowa Outdoor Expo (and things would be targets, we don't shoot animals), and spend time in the fall sunshine. 

We started our Saturday bright and early with donuts, coffee, and the Children's Museum. It's the weekend I've been waiting for at the Museum: new exhibit debuts! Plus, I got to try out apple cider cloud dough with a lot more kids than usual! 

Who's your favorite person/people? The oldest answered The Beatles (no surprise there) while the two youngest wrote 'I love Mom and Dad.' Good answers.

Can you believe all of these new exhibits were thought of and built by two of our board members (and their family)? I'm so impressed by these people I volunteer/work alongside. The minis had such a great time playing that they didn't want to leave, but I needed time to work on things for the Museum so Hubs dragged them away.

Playing the drum and the xylophone and singing.

While I finished my volunteer shift at the Museum, Hubs took the minis to LHF. I was a tad sad to miss one of my favorite fall events, but I'm glad the minis got to enjoy it! We always have fun at Living History Farms. The minis are at the perfect ages for it, so we get plenty of use out of our yearly pass.

After an eventful morning for all of us, Elizabeth and I headed home for a nap and writing. While I would have loved the nap, I did the writing (in case you didn't know). My parents stopped over with all new clothes and pajamas for the minis. As soon as Elizabeth woke up, she promptly put on her newest nightgown and went outside to play. That's normal for our house.

Playing on the front porch in her pajamas. No wonder our neighbors tend to avoid us!

Since Elizabeth and I had plans at home, Hubs and the boys headed to the Iowa Outdoor Expo where they got to practice shooting and go canoeing.

Sunday morning was a slow start (my favorite kind). Once the afternoon hit, we dropped the oldest off at a friend's house and the rest of us headed to the Blank Park Zoo for an afternoon with the animals.

We appropriately replaced the missing family member. 

A stop at Menard's resulted in having fun in the Halloween aisles and picking out a couple of pumpkins (our first for the season).

This weekend wasn't our usual busy, busy, but we got to enjoy some of our favorite fall activities!