Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The First "Sick Day" Of The School Year

Day 5 of the school year and the youngest woke up in tears, claiming "my tummy hurts. I need a bowl with me in case I throw up." No fever, no other symptoms. Typically I'd send to school after a big hug and words of encouragement. But honestly, I've given all my f***s out and couldn't manage anymore. So, this sweet girl got a sick day.

She played it well too. For the first couple of hours. She laid in her bed with her bowl cuddled into her. She even called me into her room to tell me she had "throwed up in the bowl." Except, I couldn't help but notice it was watery. Literally just water with some spit on top. I called her out on it (like all good moms do) and told her to get up, "let's not waste this day completely."

So she didn't. She played in the backyard with her friends (who have yet to head off to school/preschool for the school year). She ate lunch. She refused to nap and instead watched cartoons just a little too loudly on the couch.

Organizing Ring-Around-The-Rosies

Part of me wanted to get mad at her. The other part of me can't help but notice that school is draining for her. She enjoyed the freedoms of summer, the long days in sun, walking barefoot in the yard....how can one not miss that? 

The first sick day of the year was a needed one....but I won't let it happen again anytime soon.