Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break

Out of our last three spring breaks, this one was the most laid back...daycare-wise at least. Having just moved into our new house the weekend before spring break started, I was fairly limited on what we could and couldn't do (plus, energy wise, I didn't have much to give!). Outside time was out since it's not yet all the way fenced in (a home project coming up soon) plus it needs cleaned up, so we were indoors all week. The kids didn't seem to mind though because everything was new to them and they had a blast going through each cubby, bin, and shelf to discover long hidden toys, crafts, games, etc.

Here's a quick peak at our SB 2017:

It wouldn't be spring break without a theme day or two! The first day of SB we had Fairy Day. Read more about that here.

The first day of the full week of SB, we had a building day with the waffle blocks and soft building blocks. The kids got very creative and built vet clinic, cars, motorcycles, and more.

A tea party (with water).

The over the door basketball hoop got A LOT of use! There were bball games and shooting competitions galore.

I found my rock collection and it instantly became the "it toy" of the week! I'll be adding a magnifying glass for closer observation because the kids have loved examining (and rubbing) each smooth rock.

We officially closed on the house and had a house closing/belated birthaversary celebration at Bubba's.....right after we spent time at Lowes (our new home away from home). 

When you have your house decorated how you like, with plenty of kid areas, yet still find Lego something-or-others having battles on your buffet.....this is what defines #momlife.

We had a birthday celebration! This child loves Airheads (you may remember last year's Airhead cake), but I ran out of time to do the Airhead cake, so I simplified it to just her name.

The minis helped tear down the first layer of wallpaper. That layer came down within fifteen minutes, the next layer is going to take some work (unfortunately).

We did some St. Patty's Day art work: a finger print rainbow and Dot Marker shamrocks.

Homemade green play dough kept everyone busy for an entire afternoon. I love using salt dough as play dough (even though it dries out easily) because it cleans up so easily! I let the kids play with this on our new carpet and it easily vacuumed up afterwards.

We ended our week with our St. Patrick's celebration, which included a much anticipated return visit from our magical leprechauns Sammy and Michael. Read more about our day here.

Now that it's officially spring and things are getting a bit more organized after moving, we'll be starting some of our spring activities this week!