Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here's To 33

32 was an amazing year. Professionally I did what I love and not much changed. Personally, I did a lot. I hiked more, played more, took road trips, wrote as often as I could, enjoyed more me time, read more, donated more to charities, and just all around enjoyed life. I climbed mountains (literally), slid down a waterfall, burned my hand in a hot spring, laughed through a few tough moments, bought new furniture, saved as much money as I could, ate luxurious meals, enjoyed my dream minivan (because yes, as a mom of three, you have dream minivans), and made dreams a reality.

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of blah moments. Quite honestly, I ended 32 on a bit of a blah moment. As I wrote about earlier this week, we didn't get around to a lot of our To Do List, which means I didn't try out a few things I wanted to cross off the ole bucket list. Instead, I'm kicking off 33 with a new house and new DIY projects that ten years ago I wouldn't have been excited to try out.

So here's the deal 33, while you're starting off in a whirlwind, I have BIG plans for you. They must be big because how many people can say they got a house for their birthday/9th wedding anniversary??? I will make sure you take me on new adventures to new places. We will spend some serious time on the road, possibly some time in an airplane, we will try out home improvement projects (and we will keep a professional on speed dial just in case), we will continue to create as much as possible. We will aim high.

Here's to you 33. May you let me keep up with myself and give me plenty to write about.