Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend Full of Fun

We had a great weekend breaking in our new house with friends! One night we had friends over, we relaxed, played games, saw Beauty and the Beast, spent way too much money at Build A Bear, cooked, baked, did a few house projects (I still can't say the word "caulk" without giggling), and ended the weekend with my monthly book club gathering (at our new house). 

A few thoughts on the weekend: We are "that house" on our street. The rest of the neighbors are probably alive? We're not sure, but our house is kicking and ready to go. I wish we would have some warm sunny days again to get some yard work done. The minis are loving their new house and "having all these rooms to play in!" We had to go over many times how the dining room, office, and our bedroom are NOT considered playrooms. Will we ever get everything perfectly organized??? Props to those who can/are/do because we still can't find half of our stuff and can hardly move through our garage let alone park a vehicle in it. For a person that likes stuff done now, this has been the hardest of all for me.

And now, for a few pictures from the weekend:

Minis napped on Saturday afternoon and I.....dressed the cat up. The cat went along with it surprisingly. He was just happy I sat still long enough for a cuddle.

We (okay, so all Hubs) took out the wood burning oven and scrubbed the ash stained tile. We now have a fantastic sensory corner to do all of our messy play in!

Saturday evening we watched Nine Lives. The minis then felt the need to cuddle the cats and ask them if they were really human. The poor cats haven't been left alone a moment since the minis saw this movie.

Checkers, chess, and Uno. Oh my!

Sunday morning we finally made it to Build A Bear to use up some gift cards from Christmas. The middle mini had the hardest time making up his mind, but eventually he chose a My Little Pony (although he calls it a unicorn, that he chose because they bring magic), the oldest chose Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon (now called Maxine "but a boy Maxine, not a girl Maxine"), and the youngest chose Buttercup from Power Puff Girls. We did not get any sounds or smells to go in their animals, but each child picked out an accessory (that I said we weren't going to get).

One of my favorite moments of the day was looking over my shoulder to see Hubs dressing Elizabeth's Power Puff Girl.

Very fun hour at Build A Bear!

The house is coming together. I even managed to do one of the first big toy rotations over the weekend. Since we haven't been able to enjoy the backyard yet (1. It needs cleaned up and 2. it's not fenced in...yet!) I brought the little slide in for an energy burner. In the living room we got our art work on the walls and sheers hung up. That room suddenly feels much homier than it did last week!

I've been eagerly awaiting to try out the leaf in our new dining room table. My Book Club gathering gave me the perfect opportunity.