Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekend Planner

At the Curious George exhibit in the Blank Park Zoo the night it opened

What We're Doing:
  • Relaxing. The kids need to catch up on some much needed sleep from vacation.
  • Lunch with family
  • Horse, camel, zebra, and ostrich races at Prairie Meadows. Last week when we went to Churchill Downs in Louisville, the kids were very disappointed that we didn't get to see a horse race. I was pretty thrilled to see that this was taking place this weekend!
Other Things To Do:

  • Too hot or raining in your area? Head to a book store and browse books and attend a Story Time
  • Fill up a kiddie pool and put marbles in the bottom. Have kids pick them up with their toes and drop them in a bowl. Great for kids 5+, great coordination activity, and keeps them busy for a nice long time (and keeps them cool)! Great busy time if you have yard or house work to get done
  • Make banana ice cream (bananas, milk, and anything else you want to throw in a blender--we've thrown in berries, yogurt, or protein powder. Blend until smooth. Put in the freezer until frozen. Serve in bowls or in ice cream cones). We make big batches to last us throughout the week for hot summer nights
  • Make homemade donuts for breakfast one morning (biscuits (homemade dough or the refrigerated variety) with the middle cut out, fry in 1 inch of oil (they cook fast so don't let them get too brown), then coat with cinnamon and sugar)
  • Have a family yard game night (even more fun if you invite the neighborhood families to play too. Think lawn darts type games)

Happenings Around Des Moines:

  • Visit the Curious George exhibit at the Blank Park Zoo if you haven't yet
  • Jazz In July at Waveland Golf Course
  • Ioway Culture Day at Living History Farms
  • Tour Des Moines Parks: Visit 31 Parks in 31 Days