Friday, July 29, 2016

The Problems Of Taking A Couples Trip

   How my house looks while packing.... disaster alert!

Hubs and I are getting away for a weekend to go to a friend's wedding in Chicago. Kids weren't invited so Hubs and I will be going alone while my parents are taking the kids for the weekend. I'm excited. I plan on sleeping in Saturday morning, taking a shower that isn't rushed, and doing things the kiddos may find boring. However, before I can get to my sleeping in we have to prepare and pack for the little getaway.

Packing for a getaway is tough anyway: making sure everyone has plenty of clothes, clean underwear, that special blankie or lovey, packing up the car in just the right way. However it becomes twice the work when we're headed to different places.

Not only do I have to pack up the kids and pack them separately, I have to pack up Hubs and I. Then I have to make sure they have everything for their weekend. How will the weather be in both locations? What activities will the kids be doing and what will we be doing? What shoes need packed? There's medical releases, emergency numbers and contacts to get together, making sure there's toiletries for everyone. There's not just one to-pack-list, but two. It can get a little exhausting.

This isn't the first time we've left the kids for a getaway (remember Vegas last fall, read about that kidless adventure here, here, and here). We've gotten pretty good at packing for all of us to be in separate locations, life is just a stressful jumble until everyone is packed and in their place. Hopefully the weekend getaway will unwind the stress....just in time to come home and unpack everyone.