Sunday, July 10, 2016

Max's 8th Birthday

Last picture as a 7 year old before bed.

One of the best things about birthday's is doing all of your favorite things in one day (or in some cases, all week). Max's day was June 28th. We celebrated a bit as a family the weekend before (read more here), but on his actual birthday he got to celebrate with all of his daycare friends. There were muffins for breakfast (his favorite homemade lemon poppy seed muffins), cake in the morning, a few rounds of the Find It game, a showing of The Good Dinosaur (he wanted Jurassic Park, but mom was boring and nixed that one), a Nerf gun fight, Lego building, Tasty Taco's for dinner, and present opening.

Obligatory selfies with mom in the morning.

All of the kids colored 8 shapes. Then we took turns hiding them around the house and the kids found them. We hid some hard and some easy so the game could be played by all ages of kids (ages 1-8).

I love this picture of him thinking about his birthday wish before blowing his candle out. Always the thinker.

He was very happy with his tie dye cake.

The big kids got a treat of Ghostbusters marshmallows in the afternoon.

The afternoon also brought a Nerf gun fight. We have a ridiculous amount of Nerf guns (a dozen), so there were plenty for all of the kids. The hard part was keeping track of all of the darts that were shot every which way.

Building Lego's 

He was sooo excited to get his iPod (like his brother and sister got). His surprise gift was a book that he had been wanting. He sat down and read the entire thing in one night.

We ended the night by brushing the girl's hair. Elizabeth absolutely hates to have her hair brush. The boys said they couldn't take the tangles anymore, held her down, and brushed her hair. Since that day, she seems happier to let me do it instead of her brothers!