Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vacation Videos

I am soooo excited to share details of our vacation with everyone, which is why I'm deeming next week Travel Week on the blog. All. Week. Long. You'll get so many details and pictures then of our vacay you're going to feel like you were there. To satisfy my excitement of sharing, I've decided to share some of my favorite vacation videos with everyone ahead of time.

I attempted to scared the kids/trick them into thinking it was a bear on the patio. It didn't go as planned and my lovely family almost locked me out of the cabin. This is what 13 hours in a car will do to ya.

A highlight of the trip for me was hiking a mile along the Appalachian Trail. We learned a lot about the Trail from our guide during White Water Rafting. If I were more brave, I would love to hike all of the Appalachian Trail someday (but it's not on my Must Do list).

Grotto Falls was one of my favorite hikes. We sweated, climbed, and worked our butts off on this "easy" level hike, but it was sooo rewarding at the end when we came to this gorgeous waterfall. We went swimming, dunked our heads in the freezing cold water, and watched the salamanders and tadpoles swim by. 

We LOVED White Water Rafting! Our guide was amazing and told us tons of info about the Smokies, living in the area, the river, rafting safety, and more. We were sooo proud of the boys, who actually paddled really well and got the seal of approval from our guide that they would be more than ready for Class 3 and 4 rapids next time (Elizabeth was holding us back). 

Sliding Rock was a must do on our trip. We sent Matt and Max down the waterfall with the GoPro on their heads (at different times) to give everyone a look of all of the fun they need to have! Max commentary on the second video cracks me up. I was behind him the entire time and I didn't catch that he was talking to the GoPro!