Sunday, July 30, 2023

Daycare Birthdays


My minis have been spoiled. With their birthdays being in June, they have gotten full day birthday celebrations with their friends each and every year (thanks to daycare). This year was the same, minus the oldest mini, who spent his birthday working at the Des Moines Children's Museum summer camp. We didn't do many gifts this year because the minis chose to have extra spending money for their shopping spree day on July 5th.

 First up, we have Elizabeth's 11th birthday. She requested a waffle bar for breakfast, Oreo brownies for her birthday treat, a spa day (which was really just painting everyone's nails), Papa John's pizza for lunch, and Olive Garden for dinner. She ended the day telling me it was one of her best birthdays ever.

Next came Harrison's 13th birthday. He went with his usual cereal for breakfast, a surprise cake (that he and a friend made together) that involved brownies, cookie mix, frosting, and Oreos, ramen for lunch, Goldfish crackers for a snack, Asian food for dinner, and rounded out with a visit to the lake for an evening swim. He and his friends also got to have a gaming day during daycare. He said it was one of his favorite birthdays he's ever had. Yet. Harrison is still counting down to his 21st birthday.

Last was Max. At 15, he had very few requests for his day since he was gone most of it working, but the requests he did make were pricey! He ordered $90 worth of cookies from his favorite cookie place, Iowa Cookie Co., a $200 Lego set (he didn't get extra spending money for our shopping day), and Lachele's for dinner. When he got home from working, he played board games and slept. A true 15 year old, if you ask me!