Wednesday, March 8, 2023

hello, 39

Thirty nine came and went without much ado. So far. It's just the start of the last year in my thirties. I feel no different today than I did at the beginning of February when I was thirty eight. Age is simply a number. It's the significance others place on these numbers that make them what they are.

At the beginning of 2023, I wrote a list of goals for myself. As with every year for the last ten years, my biggest goals consist of doing new things, trying things that scare me, and breaking boundaries. The very boundaries I once set for myself. All across social media, I've seen people seemingly do away with a goals list and begin a word of the year. It's an interesting concept that I haven't bought into much because I like a good goals list, so I can feel accomplishment each time I check one of those things off. Yet year thirty nine CAN be summed up into one word: change.

I didn't actually set out for year thirty nine to be a big year. It just kind of coincided with how things worked out and how I made things happen. Maybe I did it subconsciously, but more than likely I was just inspired. I took time for myself at the end of the year and the result was a massive creative boost with plenty of time for reflection and thinking.  

While others will make their thirties go out with a bang, I decided to keep this next trip around the sun simple. Make changes, leave time for reflection, listen to intuition, and don't go big. I've done big: big vacations, big purchases, big plans, big time commitments. This will be the year to make some big changes, then sit back and enjoy. Don't focus on monetary prosperity, but on emotional and physical prosperity. 

Change happens whether we like it or not. Sometimes we choose to accept change and sometimes we fight it with everything we are. Other times we are the ones to bring the changes. Thirty nine came, I'll conquer it by changing my world upside down, and how it will go out remains to be seen. 

As usual, my birthday was a month long celebration. I tried new coffee places, new restaurants, new drinks, and new things. Same hiking place because we love that it's only ten minutes from our house.

Blue Agave has amazingly fresh food, fun margaritas, and a great atmosphere.

Also a favorite is Home Sweet Cone. It might be the best homemade ice cream I've ever tasted. Not my favorite thing is applying fake nails, so Hubs took over that one for the youngest.

Splatter painting can be a lot of fun. We gave black light splatter painting a try and had a great time!

A new life jacket (since a kid stole mine) and Crumbl cookies. What more could I ask for?!? Ha!

A daycare kid brought his Nugget for our obstacle course. As it turns out, my kids love it too. They asked me why I've never gotten one for them.

I made my first cheesecake. It turned out pretty decently, definitely edible.

The day after my thirty nineth birthday was our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by meeting for drinks and apps after work at Big Grove Brewery.