Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Weekend Recaps

January's Try Day event at the Des Moines Children's Museum had us testing the cotton candy machine with our homemade sugar flavors.

The oldest and his cooking: kimchi salmon (that the cat tried to eat too) and homemade donuts.

The middle of January to the middle of February brought A LOT of illness. Croup, RSV, strep, unknown respiratory infections, and stomach issues plagued daycare and our family. That means there was a lot of snuggling kittens time.

I'm a huge fan of Twisted Bean's cherry mocha they have each Valentine's Day.

Football games were our life on these weekends. I made a charcuterie board with "football food" on it: boneless chicken wings, loaded tater tots, and veggies with ranch to dip everything.

The oldest and I have been working on a special project this winter. I can't wait until we get to present it to the public!

All of daycare was unexpectedly sick (as it turns out, I had croup too), so I took myself to Waveland Cafe on my closed day.

I rarely get the chance to pick up my kids and carpool. When I do, I get excited about prime parking spots.

The oldest went to Winter Formal and then had friends come over after. We sent the other two minis for a sleepover and grandma and grandpa's. Hubs and I had a spare couple of hours, so we went to dinner at Tupelo Honey. It was great!

The teens woke up starving and I was ready with a pancake bar.

She made her cat listen to her practice clarinet. The cat just sat in the doll carrier the entire time, staring at her. He is by far the most patient cat on the planet.

My youngest took a sick day because....wait for it.....she had a loose tooth and she wanted to focus on pulling it. While I rolled my eyes at her, I appreciated her honesty and really didn't want the fight of trying to get her to school, so a sick day it was. She pulled out the tooth halfway through the day and then enjoyed the day.

I ran out of clean bowls, so I had them eating oatmeal out of mugs. One kid cried about it, the kid pictured thought it was cool, and the other kid flat our refused to eat breakfast because "you don't eat oatmeal out of a mug Mother."

New bubble tea obsession. Shaking Boba is amazing and has many fun options.

A quick snowy hike along the river. Even if we're bundled up, we're out in the fresh air and sunshine. It does wonders for our well being. We've been hiking quite a bit at Brown's Woods and Walnut Woods State Park because they're only ten minutes from our house.

We grabbed cupcakes from Sam's Club. We split them, so we could try all of the flavors. Scratch is still my favorite, but these were a fun try.

We went to an Iowa Wolves game. It was a lot of fun, although the minis prefer hockey over basketball.

Homemade biscuits and gravy, tater tots (because we had an 8 lbs. bag from Sam's, but I prefer hashbrowns with biscuits and gravy), and fresh raspberries. We've been buying most of our fruits and vegetables from Sam's Club and we've been more than please with both the prices and quality.

I made breakfast, so the boys took over making coconut cupcakes for their grandma's birthday. They did a fabulous job even if they did almost forget to put coconut in the cupcakes.

Then they delivered their cupcakes later that afternoon.